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September 30
Overleague Won Lost GB Win%
Warriors 83 75 - .525
Pisces 82 76 1 .519
Beats 80 78 3 .506
Presidents 79 79 4 .500
Ionians 75 83 8 .475
Virgins 75 83 8 .475
Middleleague Won Lost GB Win%
Woodsox 90 68 - .570
Busriders 84 74 6 .532
Poetics 83 75 7 .525
Superbas 78 80 12 .494
Dragons 77 81 13 .487
Bohemians 76 82 14 .481
Vanguards 73 85 17 .462
Capitalists 71 87 19 .449
Underleague Won Lost GB Win%
Cars 86 72 - .544
Velocitors 84 74 2 .532
Mothers 84 74 2 .532
Insects 84 74 2 .532
Framemakers 80 78 6 .506
B'Stormers 78 80 8 .494
Minstrels 76 82 10 .481
P.R.B. 74 84 12 .468
Anarchists 74 84 12 .468
Numbers 74 84 12 .468
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September 23, 2001
Special Announcement
Terrorist Attack in the United States

Like the rest of the world community the Cosmic Baseball Association is horrified and saddened at the entirely senseless tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001 in the United States of America. We mourn for the thousands of lives that were lost and we grieve with the millions whose lives have been shattered by the terrorist attacks.

We support the rooting out and destruction of the groups and individuals that spread terror and disrupt the pursuit of happiness. We do not support unnecessary killing and destruction. Men and women who seek peace, freedom and happiness are encouraged to keep such desires in the forefront. We cannot succumb to the provocations of our enemies. Their barbaric actions cannot become our own. An "eye for an eye " is a dark strategy that leaves us all blind. We need enlightened vision, now more than ever.

The Cosmic Baseball Association's Response & Reactions to the September 11 Terrorist Attack in the United States

  • End of Regular Cosmic Season Delayed. Cosmic Games Postponed. The regular cosmic baseball season was scheduled to end , September 23. The last five games of the regular season have not been played. As the United States and the world community caught its collective breath in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, consideration was given to canceling the rest of the cosmic season. The decision was ultimately made to pause and then complete the regular season a week later. Therefore the regular cosmic baseball season will conclude on September 30, 2001.

  • Subleague Series Postponed. In honor and memory of the fallen and in consideration of their loved ones, the Cosmic Baseball Association is postponing the Subleague Series that was originally scheduled to begin on October 1, 2001. The Subleague Series will begin October 15.

  • 20th Anniversary Gala Redesignated/Rescheduled. The celebratory 20th Anniversary of the Cosmic Baseball Association Gala scheduled for October 9 has been redesignated as a celebratory Memorial Service, Anti-Terrorist, Give-Peace-a-Chance Forum to be held on October 13 in Washington, D.C.

  • September 11 Cosmic Game Ban. The Board of Directors of the Cosmic Baseball Association resolved that no cosmic baseball game will ever again be played on September 11.

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September 10, 2001
Personal Cosmic Game Report
Ten Commandments @ Ten Most Wanted
Link to Cosmic Game Report
One never knows which force of nature or which alignment of destinies will converge during a cosmic baseball game. The forces of good and evil frequently rage on the cosmic baseball field just as they do inside the human soul and outside in society. In this particular iteration, the forces of good appear to have defeated the forces of evil. But not without controversy.

This game was scheduled back in early August. By the time gameday arrived, two of the most wanted fugitives (the pedophile Rosser and the murderer Soltys) had been apprehended. The Ten Commandments lodged an official complaint just before the game, complaining that the two caught criminals were ineligible to play. Since the Ten Commandments won the contest their complaint is moot. (The team has, in fact, formally withdrawn it.)

This was not a particularly interesting game outside of the metaphorical ethical issues. However, one notable aspect was the fact that both teams used their pitchers as leadoff batters. "Tijuana Cartel" chieftain and starting pitcher Ramon Arellano-Felix of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives smacked two homeruns (Ten Commandments hurler, Worship No Other Gods, had a one-for-four day at the plate.)

September 1, 2001
Cosmic Season Notes
Three Vie for Homerun Title
Link to Season 2001 Main Plate
With fifteen games remaining in the regular Cosmic Baseball Association season three players are competing for the homerun title. Henrietta Crosby, mother of the poet/publisher Harry Crosby, and a regular on the Motherland Mothers in the Underleague is on a pace to hit 65 homeruns. She currently has 59. Right behind her is Washington President Millard Fillmore who has already knocked in 56 homeruns and Oscar Janiger of the Psychedelphia Woodsox who has dialed-8 53 times.



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