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August 30, 2007

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Cosmic Season 2007
Regular Season Winds Down

The regular portion of the 2007 playing season is drawing to a close. There are two games left in the schedule and the season officially ends this year on Labor Day (September 3). It looks like the Dharma Beats and the Delta Dragons will be the two top teams in the league. They will meet each other in the Cosmic Universal Series, a best-of-seven contest, that begins on Thanksgiving (November 22).

August 28, 2007 Update
August 26, 2007

Link to Pisces Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Series Report

Pisces Full Moon
Total Lunar Eclipse Series

8.28 Update: The series has been played. Four teams, three games...the Aspects won.[end update]

Early Tuesday morning there will be a total lunar eclipse while the Moon is in Pisces. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, provides useful information at their Total Lunar Eclipse: August 28, 2007 website. An eclipse of the Moon can only take place at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth's shadow.

That is what will happen between 4:51 AM EDT and 8:24 AM EDT on Tuesday morning. During this time interval the Cosmic Baseball Association will be playing the Total Lunar Eclipse Series. Three teams will compete and the winning team of the brief series will gain an edge over other teams being considered for inclusion in the regular playing league next season.

The Orb Aspects play the Zodiac Signs and the winner plays the winner of the game between the Solar System Planets and the Molecube Scopes. The games will be played during the eclipse window.

This Eclipse will create a lot of confusion calling us to create order out of chaos, writes astrologer Robert Wilkinson. No doubt about it; this will be a very spiritually demanding Full Moon, writes Lisa Dale Miller, an astrologer and licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused by this eclipse as the environment becomes a little unstable. Creative and artistic qualities will be discovered. This unstable environment occurs because, as with all eclipses, there is change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us neurologically and therefore, mentally, explains astrologer SunGoddess78 a former teacher and stockbroker.

Science vs Astronomy In addition to the help the Total Lunar Eclipse Series will provide relative to picking a new regular cosmic baseball team, the series has implications relevant to the resonance between science (astronomy) and astrology. When Hermes Trismegistus expressed the notion "As above, so below" in his Emerald Tablet, he was offering an opinion years and years before the invention of the telescope and the use of robotic spacecraft to explore outer space.

"Poor optics abetting overactive imaginations" writes D. H. Grinspoon, assistant professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, in his phenomenally fascinating book Venus Revealed (Addison Wesley: Reading, Ma. 1997). He is talking about the visions of the second rock from the Sun in the years before our space-based robots transmitted some of the facts. An 17th century Italian lawyer/astronomer discovered a moon of Venus with a telescope. Sadly, the truth is, there are no Venusian moons.

Will the Total Lunar Eclipse Series help us better understand the practical meaning of "as above, so below"? With the full moon eclipsed in Pisces, we do not think asking for practicality or anything else described as "down-to-earth" is wise...And does it matter that the Planet Venus is retrograde? Let's play ball anyway.

August 18, 2007

Link to Eddie Carmel 2007 Plate

Cosmic Baseball Player
Eddie Carmel 2007 Player Plate

Eddie Carmel was a movie actor and the subject of a well-known photograph taken by Diane Arbus. No coincidence then that Arbus, the Paradise Pisces field manager wanted Carmel on her team. Arbus was able to talk Chelsea Clinton into making a deal and last December Carmel joined the Pisces as a pitcher (replacing the deactivated Cyd Charisse.).

Carmel appeared in two Hollywood-style "B" movies, notably as a monster in The Brain that Wouldn't Die (aka The Head that Wouldn't Die, 1962, science-fiction/horror.) In that film Carmel telepathically communicates with the decapitated head of a scientist's girlfriend. Love gone awry in the age of transplantation.

Born in Israel in 1936, his family came to the United States when he was two. Carmel morphed into a giant as a teenager. Eventually he was over eight feet tall (due to a pituitary gland malfunction) and this fact likely ended his life prematurely in 1972, almost a year to the day after Arbus committed suicide.

August 15, 2007

Link to Venus Retrograde/Metaphors of Revision

The Planets
Venus on 44 Day Retrograde List

The Planets are serious contenders for one of the available spots in the league next season. Therefore, it may just be an unfortunate coincidence that a key Planet player is on the retrograde list at a time when the team is being closely watched and evaluated. One of the teams contending with the Planets are the Zodiac signs and astrological signs do not go retrograde. This is just one of the differences between the worlds of astrology and the physical world of space that astronomy studies. Skeptics do not believe the motion of the celestial objects have an immediate or direct impact on human events. As astronomer Carl Sagan asked, would the planet Mars have a greater impact on his birth than the obstetrician who delivered him into the world? Important people, like many millions of less important people are influenced and curious about what impact the stars and the planets have on Earth-bound affairs. In 1988 there was some popular controversy in the United States when it was reported that the President of the country was cognizant of astrological influences and perhaps to some extent the astrological lay of the universe had some impact on his activities. Millions of people look up there "horoscope" readings in daily newspapers.

As part of the evaluation of the Planets, the Cosmic Baseball Association provided support for the Venus Retrograde Metaphors of Revision project. The putative reversal of direction by the planet frequently associated with romance has brought to the surface many opinions: is it a time for reflection on past romances, meditations on first, last and lost loves are considered appropriate. More dramatically, some suggest that it is a good time to resolve the unresolved romance issues during the Venusian retrograde. Many caution that it is not an optimum time to begin a new love affair although some may re-invigorate a love affair from the past.

It is difficult to know the precise meaning and affect of this Venus retrograde phase although some experts are convinced that those with strong Leo and Virgo influences in their natal horoscopes will be most affected. This includes folks born under the Sun sign of Leo and those who have Leo as a rising sign at the time of their birth.

Mr. Sagan offers more good advice when he says that there are two ways to view the stars..."as they really are and as we might wish them to be."

August 5, 2007

Link to Jack Micheline 2007 Cosmic Player Plate

Cosmic Baseball Player
Jack Micheline 2007 Player Plate

American street poet Jack Micheline is a pitcher for the Dharma Beats. At one point, when alive, he displayed irritation at being associated with a literary movement (the "Beat Generation") that he believed was manufactured by the popular media, and was just mass media and elitist hype. That was moons ago and given the number of references in Beat-themed books, it is not a stretch to group him with those writers that flourished in the 1950s...and influenced the rest of the century. In addition to other evidence, his inclusion in The Portable Beat Reader, edited by Ann Charters (1992), is sufficient proof of his eligibility to play on the Dharma Beats. He joined the team as a rookie for the 1999 season.

Micheline (a manufactured name as a result of his dislike for his father) left his home as a teenager to go on the road to discover vagabonds, hobos, and poetry. One result of his efforts was the posthumous renaming of a "street" in San Francisco. Pardee Way (honoring George C. Pardee a Republican governor of California, 1903-1907) became Jack Micheline Place on November 15, 2003.

Governor George Pardee at Since 1988 the renaming of roads, streets, ways and places, for poets and writers in the North Beach section of San Francisco, has become something of a tradition. Street naming is the job of government and in Micheline's case a resolution was offered in September 2003 to get the renaming authorized. According to the City and County of San Francisco Legislation Introduced, Including Resolution linkAll Off-Calendar Items, Off-Agenda Legislation report of September 16, 2003, resolution number 031588 recommended the street name change. (Parenthetically, this resolution was in between a resolution urging the Department of Parking and Traffic to paint a crosswalk at Clay and Arguello Streets and a resolution urging the installation of four-way Stop signs at Greenwich and Powell Streets.)

An eyewitness has provided some details of the place that is now named in honor of Micheline.

It is bare and clean and about thirty paces deep. Its only features are two boxed tree stumps and a single lamppost, which recently bore a flyer advertising 'Fantastic House Cleaning for busy people like you.' It is usually empty. One end faces the mouth of a garage, and the other opens onto Grant Avenue, not far from the corner of Green Street, where Micheline was once arrested for urinating on a police car. (The Street of the Poet by Jonathan Kiefer).
To walk the side streets and down back alleys and talk to oneself... Jack Micheline, from "Poem to the Freaks"

A poet of the streets...which is why Ann Charters probably chose as the one Micheline selection for her Portable Beat anthology his poem written on East Bleeker Street in New York City on January 31, 1960 and called "Poet of the Streets".

I walk east of Bleeker
the sky is blue
on this Sunday evening

there is something deeper than the earth
there is something deeper than the stone cities

there is nothing deeper than life and the livers of life
mankind raped in the bank vaults of steel
dead soldiers, battlefields surrounded by iron and ironies

The function of the poet in the community will vary depending on the locus. The urban poet differs from the suburban poet and the mobile poet is different yet again. Micheline was a bifurcation of the urban and the mobile. In reviewing the "mobile bohemia" in his interesting book Bohemia Now, Richard Miller observes, "It was in California that Bohemia first gained mobility, that it coalesced with the soul of the...cowboy, the mountain man and the hobo, that it became physical and at last broke loose from the city slums and went out to nature." Miller is discussing the state of bohemia in 1905, the year Jack London, an important writer to Micheline, published The Road. (Incidentally, in a footnote, Miller makes a connection between mobile hobo/vagabond culture and the life of the early professional American baseball player.)

Perhaps the greatest charm of tramp-life is the absence of monotony. In Hobo Land the face of life is protean where the impossible happens and the unexpected jumps out of the bushes at every turn. The hobo never knows what is going to happen the next moment; hence, he lives only in the present moment. --Jack London, The Road (1905)

Would Micheline, the road warrior poet, be proud and/or impressed with the honor of a street named in his honor/memory, five years after his mortal departure from the planet? An individual who attended the street re-naming ceremony and who knew Micheline offered this opinion, "It's about the most non-street you can find in all of San Francisco. I think he would be annoyed. He'd say, 'What? This is not a street!'" Another, less charitable soul at the ceremony complained that Micheline was, "an unknown! He's out of New York! He's not 'Frisco! He was a bad poet!"

Perhaps a more postmodern notion than having a street named after him is that the vagabond poet Micheline died while riding public transportation, specifically, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system

August 1, 2007

Index of Cosmic Baseball Teams

Cosmic Baseball Affairs
Three New Teams Will Be Added

Three new teams will be added to the existing five team playing league next season. This is good news for those in favor of re-expansion. The teams have not been selected yet, but the pool of potential teams exceeds one hundred. (Team nominations can be executed with this link).

In other CBA-related news...Brian J. Lehman of Virginia joins the CBA's Board of Directors effective October 9, replacing the much-admired David Slacter of Maryland...The search for a board chair continues...A recommendation to more fully integrate the digital video/film operations of the Bolex Poetics with CBA was accepted. (Does this mean the Poetics will be one of the reactivated teams? See above)...A recommendation to re-start the CBA Collectibles business initiative was tabled, with little discussion, until the fall meetings.

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