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Interview with KURT COBAIN

This is part of a series of interviews with current field managers of cosmic baseball teams.

On July 3, 2000 moments after the Paradise Pisces' fired field manager Ana´s Nin (b. February 21), Kurt Cobain (b. February 20) was named the new team manager, For three seasons (1995-1997) Cobain played the outfield for the Dharma Beats, the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of Beat Generation-related individuals. In his three seasons he compiled a .263 batting average and hit 40 home runs. Cobain is more popularly known as the founder and leader of the musical group Nirvana which was a successful grunge band in the early 1990s. His death in April 1994, officially ruled a suicide, has become controversial. Reputable journalists and others have come to the conclusion that Cobain's death was a homicide.

This interview was conducted seven days after Cobain took over the reins of the Pisces.

CBA    You played Little League baseball in Washington State right?

Cobain    Yup. Around the time my parents split up I remember my father wanted me to play Little League. I didn't really want to but I did meet Matt Lukin who also played Little League with me, and a couple of other kids who shared and even inspired my interest in music. Matt was the bassist for The Melvins, a group I admired a lot.

CBA    When you played cosmic baseball for the Dharma Beats you were pretty competent with a bat in your hand.

Cobain    I didn't learn anything about batting in Little League. I got some experience with a bat in 1989 when the band [Nirvana] was on tour. We weren't a superstar band at that point and I remember staying at a place in Texas that had signs on the grass, "Beware of Alligators." So me and the boys slept with baseball bats at our sides and I remember taking a lot of practice cuts just in case I had an encounter.

CBA    Your fellow-band member Kurt Novoselic referred to those days as "Kerouwacky." Were you a fan of the Beat writer Jack Kerouac?

Cobain    Yes. The Beats were important to me. I especially grooved on the work of William Burroughs who I got to know pretty well when I played for the Dharma Beats. Allen Ginsberg and I both died on April 5. I feel spiritually connected to a lot of the Beat philosophy.

CBA    In a article David Gates wrote, "From Bob Dylan through Kurt Cobain, popular music has been essentially post-Beat poetry with electric guitars."

Cobain    The Beats were originally outsiders, not part of the system. After my parents' divorce I gravitated to the outside. Some said I became anti-social but by nature I'm a rather diffident sort of person. The Beats were most definitely outsiders. Maybe it's hard to understand that now, because the Beats are more popular, more inside then outside, at least the Beat promoters and marketers have seen to that. As my friend Burroughs said, "Kerouac opened a million coffee bars and sold a million pairs of Levis to both sexes."

CBA    Your song "Beans" was a tribute to Kerouac, right?

Cobain    Right. "Beans, beans, beans/ Jackie ate some beans/ And he was happy and naked in the woods'". The song was inspired by Kerouac's The Dharma Bums.

CBA    How did you get picked to manage the Pisces?

Cobain    On Sunday, before the Fourth of July [2000] I was contacted by Chelsea Clinton, the team's G.M. She asked if I would be interested in managing. I told her I was but that I didn't have any experience. That didn't matter. Chelsea told me the then-current manager [Ana´s Nin] was getting axed and to get on a plane to Paradise right away. I don't know what put the thought in her head that I could manage. Maybe it's because we are both February Pisces.

CBA    So it was a surprise?

Cobain    Yes, very much so. I had been waiting for someone from the Beats to call me, and maybe get a job coaching or assisting Beat manager Robert Kelly, who, by the way, is an extremely good poet.

CBA    Your wife, Courtney Love pitches for the Vestal Virgins. The Pisces are scheduled to play the Virgins next week. How is your relationship with Courtney?

Cobain    I've got to be careful here. Last week I would have spoken openly about my feelings for her. But since she will be the starting pitcher in the first game of the series I don't want to give her or her team any more motivation to beat us.

CBA    Well, it sounds like you don't have very positive feelings towards her. Do you think she played a role in your death?

Cobain    Look it, my death was not a suicide, so let me put a stop to that rumor. Obviously I know who killed me, and yes, it was murder. That private investigator, what's his name--

CBA    Tom Grant--

Cobain    --Right, Tom Grant, he's pieced together a pretty good account, but listen I don't want to get deep into this right now.

CBA    Okay. Understood. Well, thanks for your time and good luck managing the Pisces.

Cobain    Thanks man, I appreciate it.

[August 23, 2000]

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[August 24, 2000]

August News Archive

August 23
Bill Lee Honored
Our friends at the Baseball Reliquary have honored one of our favorite reality baseball players, Bill "Spaceman" Lee. At a ceremony that was held on Sunday July 16, 2000 in Pasadena, California the former major league pitcher was inducted into the Reliquary's "Shrine of the Eternals."

Lee, a southpaw pitcher played major league baseball for 14 years between 1969 and 1982. Ten of those years were with the Boston Red Sox and he pitched his final four years with the Montreal Expos. He generated a lifetime earned run average of 3.62 with a 119-90 won-loss record in a career that included three consecutive 17-win seasons (1973-1975), selection to the American League All-Star team (1973) and an appearance in the classic 1975 World Series.

Bill Lee was known as much for his unconventional attitudes about baseball and culture as he was for his competitive spirit. Red Sox teammate John Kennedy gave Lee his nickname "Spaceman" which Lee initially resented. However he ultimately accepted the moniker: "I realized that it's the ultimate compliment. Everybody thinks they're earthlings but in actuality we're only here for a brief moment, and the cinder that we're on is moving as Spaceship Earth, so we're all space travelers."

In his acceptance speech at the Reliquary's induction ceremony Lee reflected on baseball: "[T]he game is supposed to be played on nice fields, in flannels, with wooden bats, no designated hitter. It's supposed to be played on afternoons with your father and grandfather..." He wrote in his 1984 autobiography The Wrong Stuff that "Baseball is the belly button of America. If you straighten out the belly button, the rest of the country will follow suit."

What made Bill Lee remarkable as an athlete during the 1970s was his ability to fuse the required competitiveness of an athlete with the social consciousness of a political activist. "If I am remembered by anyone, I would want it to be as a guy who cared about the planet and the welfare of his fellow man. And who would take you out at second if the game was on the line."

August 22
Poetry at the CBA
At the Board of Directors Summer Meetings in Damariscotta , Maine on July 20 the Board approved an aggressive effort to increase the amount of quality poetry, baseball-related and otherwise, maintained at the Cosmic Baseball Association's website. Recently, the poetry plates at the Cosmic Baseball Association have been moved off the server to a new host so that they can be more readily accessed by our visitors (see Website Status Report).

We encourage all our members and friends to contribute their creative work so that the mandate to increase our poetry selections can be met by the end of the calendar year. Please send your contributions via email to:

All work will be carefully considered.

August 20
Bush/Gore Home Run Derby

Since the Washington Presidents will be adding one new player to its roster in November and since the team needs a power-hitting outfielder, club officials have decided to conduct a home run derby pitting the two top contenders, Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush, against each other.
The derby will be conducted from Labor Day through October 29. Each day during this period each contender will be thrown 10 fastballs by a simulated pitcher. The batter with the most home runs at the end of the contest will, assuming other factors don't intervene, be awarded a position on the Presidents' 2001 roster.

(Note: At the moment Green Party candidate Ralph Nader and Reform Party candidate Patrick Buchanan have not requested to be included in the derby. Team officials said however that if a request is received by either individual, or any other contender, prior to Labor Day, they would be eligible to compete in the derby. The fact that neither Nader nor Buchanan have asked to be included in the contest suggests that they do not hold any realistic expectations of making the team.)

August 19
Cosmic Baseball Team Rosters
All of the Cosmic Baseball Team Rosters from Seasons 1996 through 2000 are available online at the Cosmic Baseball Association's Geocities webserver location. An index of the available rosters can be viewed by using the following link:

Cosmic Team Rosters

For the immediate future the Season1995 Cosmic Team Rosters have been archived offline. This is due to a shortage of available server space. However, members and friends of the CBA who would like to view the Season 1995 Rosters can contact the CBA and copies of the Rosters will be sent in browser-compatible files via email. For more information please send an email to:

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