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Washington Presidents Team Index The WASHINGTON PRESIDENTS are a cosmic baseball team staffed by presidents of the United States of America.

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2007 Washington Presidents
Cosmic Player Uniform # Position
Bush George Walker 3017 Rightfield
Cleveland Grover 32 Pitcher
Clinton Bill 1217 Pitcher
Coolidge Calvin 35 Infield
Eisenhower Dwight D. 258 Pitcher
Grant Ulysses S. 45 Outfield
Harding Warren 47 Infield
Hoover Herbert 821 Infield
Jackson Andrew 52 Shortstop
Johnson Andrew 54 Outfield
Johnson Lyndon B. 55 Firstbase
Kennedy John F. 56 Pitcher
Lincoln Abraham 890 Pitcher
McKinley William 58 Rightfield
Nixon Richard M. 503 Pitcher
Polk James 983 Pitcher
Reagan Ronald 61 Pitcher
Roosevelt Franklin D. 1013 Leftfield
Roosevelt Theodore 62 Centerfield
Taft William 65 Thirdbase
Truman Harry 1101 Infield
Van Buren Martin 1110 Secondbase
Wilson Woodrow 1137 Catcher
Hampton* James   Manager
Cheney Richard   Coach
Washington Martha   GM
Washington George   Owner
LaFayette     Park
* Hampton replaces Karl Rove on May 1, 2007

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Published: December 24, 2006 Updates: 1.28.07; 3.14.07; 5.1.07