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nakedelectricity.infoOne of the standouts on the Interland Domains (CBA's newest cosmic baseball team) is a notorious left handed relief pitcher fabled for pitching in the nude. Want to know more? See the 2007 player plate.

Jimmy Carl BlackDragons draft drummer and infielder Jimmy Carl Black. Black replaces composer Paul Oakenfold on the roster. [12.20.2006].

Black was, years ago, a member of the Mothers of Invention rock and roll band. He is also a sculptor. Talking about the internet, Mr. Black is says, "My webmaster lives in Munich and is a very dear friend of mine. He is doing a great job on the site and it is constantly being updated and always will."

Bari MortDragons draft pianist Bari Mort who will play secondbase, replacing composer Wendy Carlos on the roster. [12.19.2006]

My idea of the perfect performer is Bari Mort, the pianist who played in the premiere of my "Last Chance" Sonata. At every rehearsal she'd come up with a few more interpretive ideas. (Kyle Gann, musician)

Dakota FanningPisces draft child actress Dakota Fanning. Fanning will replace center fielder Drew Barrymore [12.17.06]

Fanning was born February 23, 1994 in Georgia. She began her show business career at the age of five when she made a TV commercial for Tide detergent. Her father, Steve Fanning played baseball in college at Georgia State and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals organization in 1988. He played a couple of years in the minor leagues. Dakota won acclaim for her role as the daughter in the film Sam I Am.

Eddie CarmelPisces draft Eddie Carmel, a man known for being a giant. Carmel will replace the deactivated Cyd Charisse on the Pisces pitching staff [12.14.06]

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