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Pisces Team Index The PISCES won the 2006 Cosmic Universal Series. Not content to win the championship the team has changed its field manager and replaced two popular regulars, a pitcher and an outfielder, with two rookies.

2007 Rookies

Available Player Plates

Pisces Won/Loss Records

2007 Paradise Pisces
Cosmic Player Uniform # Position
Bell Alexander Graham 3287 Pitcher
Bork Robert 231 Pitcher
Bowles Jane 3353 Pitcher
Browning Elizabeth Barrett 3010 Pitcher
Carmel Eddie 3428 Pitcher
Chopin Frederic 2695 Infield
Domino Fats 2696 Firstbase
Fanning Dakota 3429 Centerfield
Gesell Silvio 3190 Pitcher
Ginsburg Ruth Bader 3424 Outfield
Gleaton Felicia 3288 Catcher
Grammer Kelsey 2689 Pitcher
Harrison George 3191 Secondbase
Hearst Patty 1283 Outfield
Holmes Oliver Wendell 3291 Pitcher
Jobs Steven 2698 Leftfield
Lee Spike 2699 Shortstop
Longfellow Henry W. 2700 Thirdbase
Nixon Pat 3425 Pitcher
Reventlow Lance 3391 Infield
Varsi Diane 3392 Rightfield
Williams Vanessa 2692 Pitcher
Arbus Diane   Manager
Longoria Eva   Coach
Clinton Chelsea   GM
Zinebrenner Andrew   Owner
Paradise Park Park
Italics indicates rookie

Final Official 2007 BATTING Statistics


Final Official 2007 PITCHING Statistics


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Cosmic Baseball Association 2007 Official Paradise Pisces 2007 Roster PLATEID 3046
Published: December 24, 2006 Updates: 1.15.07; 3.14.07;8.18.07