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Dharma Beats Team Index The BEATS lost the 2006 Cosmic Universal Series despite leading the league all season long. The only roster change made for this season is the reactivation of Beat paragon Neal Cassady.

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2007 Dharma Beats
Cosmic Player Uniform # Position
Amram David 594 Pitcher
Baraka Amiri 3294 Pitcher
Bremser Ray 2706 Thirdbase
Burroughs William 663 Pitcher
Carr Lucien 78 Shortstop
Cassady* Neal 681 Pitcher
Corso Gregory 699 Firstbase
Cowen Elise 1875 Inffield
DiPrima Diane 718 Pitcher
Ferlinghetti Lawrence 80 Rightfield
Haverty Joan 798 Outfield
Holmes John C. 820 Outfield
Huncke Herbert 82 Catcher
Jackson Natalie 1929 Outfield
Kammerer David 2850 Pitcher
Kerouac Jack 1297 Leftfield
Micheline Jack 2705 Pitcher
Plymell Charles 2581 Centerfield
Snyder Gary 1063 Pitcher
Welch Lew 1130 Pitcher
Whalen Phillip 1132 Secondbase
Orlovsky Peter   Manager
Nicosia Gerald   Coach
Sampas John   GM
Ginsberg Allen   Owner
DharmaDome   Park
*Reactivated player

Final Official 2007 BATTING Statistics


Final Official 2007 PITCHING Statistics


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Cosmic Baseball Association 2007 Official Dharma Beats 2007 Roster PLATEID 3047
Published: December 24, 2006 Updates: 3.14.07; 8.5.07