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2007 Cosmic Universal Series

Delta Dragons vs Dharma Beats

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Series Statistics

DELTA DRAGONS win 2007 CUS, 4-2 Games

The 2007 Cosmic Universal Series began on Thanksgiving (November 22, 2007).

This season the series is between the Dharma Beats who won more games during the regular season than any other cosmic baseball team and the Delta Dragons who placed second in the overall final standings.

This is the 26th Cosmic Universal Series. The CUS is a best-of-seven game contest that determines the best cosmic baseball team of the season.

Despite three prior visits, the Dharma Beats have never won a Cosmic Universal Series. This is the team's third consecutive CUS appearance having lost both the 2006 CUS to the Paradise Pisces and the 2005 CUS to the Delta Dragons. Ten seasons ago, the Beats lost the 1997 CUS to the now deactivated Pranktown Busriders.

The Delta Dragons make their third appearance in a CUS having lost the first Cosmic Universal Series to the Paradise Pisces in 1981. In 2005, as mentioned above, the Dragons beat the Beats in the 24th CUS.

2007 Cosmic Universal Series Statistics


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Published: October 23, 2007 Updates: 10/27/07