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July 1, 1999
Maria Agnesi- 1999 Cosmic Owner Plate

In 1991, the people who are responsible for such things, named a crater on the planet Venus "Agnesi" in honor of the distinguished Italian scientist Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

Agnesi's field was not astronomy, but mathematics. And while the planet Venus is often associated with the idea of romantic love, Maria was never married; in fact, she desired to be a nun. Her passion, it seems, was about ideas; not affairs of the heart.

As a young girl Agnesi was called a "Walking Polyglot" and the "Seven Tongued Orator." At the age of nine she transcribed and delivered a discourse in Latin on the need for female education. She spoke Greek at 11 and Hebrew at 13.

Despite being born into a wealthy Milanese family she died in poverty having given all her worldly goods to charity. Her last years were spent in service to the poor and downtrodden who very well might have not known how brilliant a scientific mind she had. In addition to the crater on Mars, her name adorns a conic curve now known as the "Witch of Agnesi."

Agnesi entered the Cosmic Baseball Association this season as owner of the Sweepland Curves, a team comprised of mathematical curves. The Curves play ball in the Cosmic Underleague.

Click Here for Maria Agnesi's 1999 Cosmic Owner Plate

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