Washington Presidents Index Plate

2006 Washington Presidents
Player Position
Abraham Lincoln P
Andrew Jackson IF/OF
Andrew Johnson IF/OF
Benjamin Harrison IF/OF
Bill Clinton P
Calvin Coolidge 3B
Chester Arthur P
Dwight D. Eisenhower P
Franklin D. Roosevelt C/OF
Franklin Pierce P
George Bush P
George W. Bush RF
Gerald Ford C
Grover Cleveland P
Harry Truman IF/OF
Herbert Hoover IF/OF
James Buchanan Utility
James Garfield Utility
James Madison OF
James Monroe CF/P
James Polk P
Jimmy Carter P
John Adams 2B
John F. Kennedy P
John Q. Adams OF/P
John Tyler IF
Lyndon B. Johnson 1B
Martin Van Buren IF/OF
Millard Fillmore C
Richard M. Nixon P
Ronald Reagan P
Rutherford Hayes IF
Theodore Roosevelt IF/OF
Thomas Jefferson IF/OF
Ulysses S. Grant OF
Warren Harding IF/OF
William H. Harrison IF/OF
William McKinley IF/OF
William Taft IF
Woodrow Wilson 1B/P
Zachary Taylor IF/OF
George Washington Owner
Andrew H. Card, Jr Manager
Richard Cheney Coach
Martha Washington GM

Washington Presidents

The team players consist of all the United States presidents (except George Washington who owns the team). On March 11, 2006 Andrew Card replaced Karl Rove as the team's field manager.

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2006 Washington Presidents Roster
Published: March 12, 2006