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2006 Jack Kerouac Memorial Game

March 12, 2006

Northporters @ Kerouacs

Kerouacs Win, 7-4
In life American writer Jack Kerouac never had any substantial money. When he died in 1969, his personal estate was not worth a lot of money. Years later, his posthumous value began to grow. Today, in 2006, a photograph that includes Kerouac with friends William Burroughs, Hal Chase, and Allen Ginsberg at Columbia University, recently sold for over US$7,500. (Rare Beat memorabilia auctioned for hurricane victims).

On February 18, 2006 a book entitled STASHOU and YASHOU was "officially released" by TheDeepArchives, Inc. The book is described as a "Special Limited Edition Portfolio", and as a "Photographic Art Portfolio paying special tribute to an unparalleled friendship between American Abstract Expressionist Painter and Photographer, STANLEY TWARDOWICZ, and the "King of the Beats," JACK KEROUAC.". The book was conceived and produced by Paul Kowalchuk, designed by Lillian Dodson, handcrafted by Amanda Thackray, and include portrait photographs taken by artist Stanley Twardowicz. The photographs were taken by Twardowicz when he visited Kerouac in Lowell in June, 1967. The book can be purchased for US$4,950.

Twardowicz and Kerouac became friends when Kerouac moved to Northport, New York in 1958. Kerouac lived there, off and on, until 1964. Among the people the "King of the Beats" knew and influenced are Carol Watson. She was fifteen in the late 1950s [and] she remembers Kerouac as an inspirational figure. "...He was probably the first philosophy teacher I had. Jack Kerouac made me a thinking person," declares Watson who became a teacher.

While living in Westport, on Long Island's north shore, Kerouac frequented Gunther's Tap Room, which today "remains the same bluecollar watering hole" that it was in the early 1960s. "Jack wasn't too good with money," [owner Peter] Gunther said, chuckling, adding that Kerouac would sneak a bottle of Canadian whisky into the bar and take swigs in the bathroom. Gunther's mother tended bar during the day then. "She used to tell me she had no idea how Jack was getting so drunk. But we figured it out...Gunther described Kerouac as a charming man who was as compatible with the gruff clam diggers as he was with the professionals and artists who came to the bar." Growing up as a teenager in Northport in the early 1960s, George Trent met and was befriended by Kerouac. Construction worker Charles Pellegrino, Northport High School football player Jimmy Farabaugh, architecht Larry Smith, and Bill Shotwell who played softball with Kerouac in Northport...All report having been influenced by their association with Kerouac.

Therefore, in honoring the memory of Jack Kerouac by celebrating what would be his 84th birthday with this 2006 Jack Kerouac Memorial cosmic Baseball Game, we also honor others who at one time in one place or another, have been influenced and inspired by the writer Kerouac.

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2006 Jack Kerouac Memorial Game
Published: March 12, 2006