Dharma Beat Index Plate

          2006 Dharma Beats
Player Position
Amiri Baraka P
Charles Plymell CF
David Amram P
David Kammerer P
Diane DiPrima P
Elise Cowen* IF/OF
Gary Snyder P
Gregory Corso 1B
Herbert Huncke C
Jack Kerouac LF
Jack Micheline P
Joan Haverty C/OF
John C. Holmes OF
Lawrence Ferlinghetti RF
Levi Asher IF
Lew Welch P
Lucien Carr SS
Natalie Jackson OF
Phillip Whalen 2B
Ray Bremser 3B
William Burroughs P
Doctor Sax** Manager
Gerald Nicosia Coach
John Sampas GM
Allen Ginsberg Owner
Dharma Dome Home Park
* Reactivated 3/11/2006
** Named field manager on 5/21/2006.

Dharma Beats

The Dharma Beats are CBA's team of Beat Generation individuals. Only one significant roster change shows up for the 2006 Season. Poet Joanna McClure has been deactivated and poet Elise Cowen has been reactivated to replace McClure's roster spot. Another change includes writer John Clellon Holmes moving to the outfield position from the infield.

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2006 Dharma Beats Roster
Published: March 12, 2006
Updated: May 21, 2006