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June 28, 1998
Summer Meeting Held in Boston

CBA's Board of Directors held their summer meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. A number of issues were discussed including the raising of the optional annual dues from US$10 to US$15, the selling of Cosmic Baseball T-Shirts, and the expansion of the Underleague from ten to sixteen teams. A proposal to institute inter-league play at the CBA was rejected as was a proposal to reinstitute the Cosmic All Star game.

The T-Shirt sales proposal was discussed in the context of the CBA's need to generate some additional revenue since only a small percentage of members pay the annual dues. The cost of CBA's website operations has increased as more internet computer storage space is required. The Board of Directors indicated that a final decision on the T-Shirt sales program will be forthcoming within the next several weeks.

The decision to expand the number of Underleague teams will be made before the end of the current season. If the Board decides to add more teams, the change would be effective for the 1999 season. A supplemental proposal to increase the cost of team ownership was rejected.

Following the lead of Major League Baseball, several members proposed to the Board that CBA begin inter-league competition. The Board rejected the idea without much discussion. However a decision to explore the possibility of a membership referendum on the issue was made and a report will be made within six months on the feasibility of running a referendum to determine the issue.

The Cosmic All Star game was discontinued during the 1984 season because cosmic players objected to the method by which players were selected to the all star teams. Basically it was a popularity contest which had little to do with skill and talent on the field of play. The proposal to reinstitute the All Star game was coupled with an innovative selection process plan developed by several researchers associated with the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA). The selection process would give members, players, managers and coaches weighted voting rights. Nevertheless, the Board rejected the proposal and there will be no Cosmic All Star games at the CBA.


June 24, 1998
Overleague Game: Virgins @ Pisces

The Vestal Virgins have been struggling again this season. The Paradise Pisces have been sitting atop the Overleague practically since day one. But this game made it look otherwise. The Virgins had defense and and a lot of offense going for them and the Pisces looked like they were sound asleep.

Part of the problem was on the Pisces mound as Sigmund Freud pitched three solid innings and then fell apart at the seams. Inquiring minds want to know why Pisces manager Henry Miller kept Freud in the game for so long. Insiders indicate there is a growing tension between Miller and Freud. But that can't explain why in his last three starts Freud has lost almost all control after three or four innings. Of course pitching isn't everything. Two errors by Louis Farrakhan in the seventh inning didn't help matters. The good news is that the Pisces can afford a few slip ups and unless there is a catastrophe, it's likely they will be in the race for the pennant all season long. Lynn Behrendt continues her torrid hitting and she's the odds-on favorite for rookie of the year award. Caresse Crosby also has been sharp offensively and defensively.

The Virgins on the other hand and despite this victory are a team with a full menu of problems. Zelda Fitzgerald pitched a complete game (her first of the season) but the Virgin pitching staff is in the midst of a meltdown. Offensively this is only the third game this season that the Virgins have scored more than six hits. Vita Sackville-West committed her sixth error in six games. So, while it is always delightful to watch the Virgins win a game, it is doubtful that they will be near the top of the hill when the season concludes.

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June 1, 1998
Joe Di Pietro on Umpiring for Defensive Flow

Joe Di Pietro writes that "baseball is a game dominated by defense, and as such, a good game is one that is in that type of flow." Joe has been umpiring college and amateur baseball games for the last twenty years. His essay on "Defensive Flow" umpiring is insightful and clearly based on his wide range of umpiring experience. Read this essay to find out exactly how much influence on a baseball game umpires really exert.

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