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June 25, 2006

Cosmic Game: Poets @ Philosophers

Link to Game Report Selected poets play ball against selected philosophers. Since contraction many cosmic baseball fans miss the Alphatown Ionians (a cosmic team of interesting philosophers). Some of the players on this team of philosophers also played for the Ionians.

The tension Plato creates between poetry and philosophy has had no small impact on the history and tradition of occidental intellectual history. For Plato, poets are rhetoricians who are selling their products to as large a market as possible, in the hope of gaining repute and influence...The quarrel between poetry and philosophy is finally, in Plato's eyes, about the relative priority of making and discovery. Philosophers "discover" truth. Poets "make" representations of truth; they do not harvest truth in and of itself. Freshmen in the groves of academe will consider these issues. By the time these students are undertaking their graduate studies they will be able to expound more prolifically on these matters. They will have insights into why the poets are banned from Plato's Republic (or ideal body politic). More's the pity, however, that the motivation of the arsonists in one of Aristophanes' comedies will not be fully appreciated.


June 18, 2006

Cosmic Game: Sun City Signs @ Solar City Planets

Link to Game Report Link to Game ReportThe last time the Planets played a cosmic baseball game (1998) there were only nine official planets in the sky. Today, there are ten because of the recently discovered planet code-named "Xena" and officially identified as entity 2003UB313. The orb was first imaged in 1989 but it was not recognized as a planet. Officially "discovered" in 2005, Xena is larger than Pluto.

The addition of the new planet generates additional controversy with regard to the legitimate status of astrology, which is often treated rudely by the scientific community. Science's behavior is likely a result of astrology's presumption to science. Despite its long history astrology today is considered, at best, a pseudoscience and at worst, chicanery as it makes use of the Forer/Barnum Effect.

Link to Game Report Just as in their previous game against the Muses, when the Planets fought for science against mythology, the Planets defeated the competition.

Since the Planets are sponsored by astronomy and the defeated Signs are sponsored by astrology some are already claiming science the winner. But others suggest that science is simply a replacement religion, another pseudo- or meta-faith.

But astrology has weathered this storm before. For centuries, astrologists did their arcane work with knowledge of just six planets (Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter). Then Uranus and Neptune appeared in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, respectively. Now in the twentieth century a tenth planet will undoubtedly generate a number of astrological recalculations.

By the way, the rookie 2003UB313 ("Xena") had a fabulous debut game: 2 hits (including a double during his first cosmic baseball at bat to lead off the Planets' second inning. The rookie planet also scored three times accounting for over 35% of the Planets' runs.


June 6, 2006

Cosmic Game: Presidents @ Beats

Link to Game Report Despite a new field manager, the Dharma Beats continue swooning. Knocked out of first place, the team appears to have lost the will to win. Most observers think the pitching staff is in acute disarray...a condition attributed to ex-manager Orlovsky. Those with the expectation that new manager Doctor Sax could turn the situation around immediately were expecting too much.

On the other side, the Washington Presidents have moved out of the cellar and have been swinging their bats like there was no tomorrow. President John Quincy Adams had four hits and President Ulysses S. Grant knocked four runs across the plate.

It is early June. Is it premature to make final conclusions?


June 4, 2006

Pat Nixon- 2006 Cosmic Player Plate

Link to Pat Nixon's 2006 Cosmic Player Plate Pat Nixon (born Thelma Catherine Ryan) was the First Lady of the United States from 1969 until her husband, President Richard M. Nixon resigned from the presidency in 1974. Mrs. Nixon was born in Nevada, grew up in Southern California and had at one time ambitions to land a career in the movie business (she had four uncredited roles in Hollywood films in the 1930s). In 1937 she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in merchandising and the necessary qualifications to teach business classes at the high school level. While teaching in Whittier, California she met Richard Nixon, who had returned to his home to practice law. After a two year romance/courtship Pat Ryan married Richard Nixon in 1940.

At Mrs. Nixon's funeral in 1993 reverend Billy Graham offered this observation during his sermon, "Few women in public life have suffered as she has suffered, and done it with such grace." A biography of her life is entitled The Lonely Lady of San Clemente (1978). After her husband's resignation Pat Nixon led a much more secluded lifestyle, attending mostly to her family which included her two daughters and their developing families. She passed away in June 1993, ten months before her husband died.

Pat Nixon was born on March 16, 1912 and is a rookie pitcher with the 2006 Paradise Pisces.


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