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Upper League

CBA's team of individuals with military careers

Team Management
Field ManagerGeorge A. Custer
CoachShaka Zulu
General ManagerDarrell Cole
Team OwnerAres
Home ParkVirgin Park
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Published: 12/5/2004
PlateID: 2995  

2005 Wonderland Warriors

Player Position
Esther M. Blake C
Mike Boorda P
Omar Bradley 2B
William Calley P
Hernando Cortes RF
Crazy Horse IF
Moshe Dayan 3B
Tommy Franks IF
Vo Nguyen Giap LF
David Hackworth CF
Thomas Howie P
Francis Marion SS
Francisco Pizarro P
Rota P
Donald Rumsfeld OF
Africanus Scipio 1B
Silas Soule OF
Sun Tzu P
Chief Victorio P
Isoroku Yamamoto IF
Italics indicates ROOKIE