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May 31, 2009

Personal Cosmic Baseball Game
Cabinet @ Providers

What happens when a new presidential cabinet interacts with adult service providers who use digital technology to generate business? In this instance, when that interaction takes place on the cosmic baseball field, the answer is "controversy."

This personal cosmic baseball game was played on April 14, 2009. Ordinarily the report would have been published the next day on the internet at the CBA's website.

This was just another normal personal cosmic baseball game until it came time to publish the game report. At that point, outside entities intervened. The Cosmic Baseball Association was asked by citizens affiliated with the federal government to delay publishing the standard game report. CBA agreed to the requested delay assuming it would be brief.


Soon thereafter, several citizens affiliated and/or representing state government agencies intervened. Citizens from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Illinois and South Carolina all asked that the game report not be published or at least that CBA delay the game report's publication.

Where it stands now: We have agreed to not publish the game's "score card". The "line score" and the "box scores" are being published, with this news item. A full personal cosmic game report, including the "score card" and other game metadata is currently being "vetted" by official government agencies at the state and federal level and that is about the only thing we can report now.


April 26, 2009

Season 2009 Main Plate

Cosmic Baseball Game
Zodiac Signs @ Wall Street Debentures

New teams...playing the game...

April 22, 2009

Can the Stars Predict?

Can the Stars Predict the Final Standings?

There has been an upsurge in interest in the stars recently and more and more people are asking, "can the stars predict the future?" We asked a member of the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) to investigate the matter. Using a Hollywood Telescope she was able to interview six stars on April 20, and she asked each one, who they thought would be the CBA's best team in 2009. Here are the selected stars' answers.

Jack Nicholson: I was born in Neptune City, New Jersey so I'm both rooting for and predicting the [Astronomical] Planets will win it all.

Olivia Wilde: I always predict that the [Paradise Pisces] Pisces will win. Sometimes I'm right. sometime's not so right.

Rush Limbaugh: It definitely will not be the Wall Street Debentures. Probably the [Dharma] Beats will win even though I don't much care for that cosmic baseball team.

Nancy Reagan: The [Zodiac] Signs have it in the bag. Other stars have told me this.

Tina Fey: Cosmic what kind of team? I have no idea.

Lindsay Lohan: I'm not clairvoyant at all but I hope the Krafft-Ebing Mosaics win.

April 20, 2009

Game Report

Game Report
Presidents @ Planets

The Astronomical Planets simply dominated the Washington Presidents. The only controversy was who should be named the game's most cosmic player: The Sun, who pitched an excellent complete game or the Earth who was on fire at the plate. Ultimately, perhaps because of the homerun factor controversy, the official scorer (J.G. Ballard) awarded the MCP to the third rock from the Sun, Planet Earth. Earth also had a busy and productive day in the field at thirdbase.

April 4, 2009

Hubble Finds Hidden Exoplanet in Archival Data

Will Exoplanets Play Cosmic Baseball?

Today, Pluto, a utility player for the Astronomical Planets, goes retrograde. (Pluto joins two other Planet players that are currently retrograde, Venus and Saturn.) Now a dwarf planet, Pluto will appear to move backwards until September 10, which is near the end of the cosmic baseball season.

Changing directions at four degrees of Capricorn*, Pluto has already caused controversy. Ruled a "dwarf" planet in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the CBA made an exception and allowed the Astronomical Planets to include Pluto on the Planets 2009 Official Team Roster.

The rules require players on the Planets roster to be "planets." Not wishing to leave well enough alone, the Planets are preparing another petition requesting that extra-solar planets, also known as exoplanets, be made eligible for the team. Exoplanets are planets in solar systems other than our own.

As of March 2009, some 344 exoplanets had been identified. Most are verified indirectly using technology such as radial velocity. However, direct photographic identification of exoplanets is increasing and while many of the identifications are of extra solar gas giants (like Jupiter), astronomers believe that as the imaging technology improves, many smaller Earth-like exoplanets will be discovered.

The Cosmic Baseball Association is going to have to determine policy. The Planets are forcing the issue. Most believe that exoplanets will become eligible. In the meantime, technology like the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) aboard the Hubble telescope apparatus, will offer more potential cosmic baseball players.

*Note: The Sabian text for 3-4 degrees of Capricorn is "A group of people outfitting a large canoe at the start of a journey by water." Scholars at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) have been unable to assimilate the Sabian metaphor into an exoplanet policy recommendation.

April 2, 2009

Kelly Green, New Mosaic GM

Cosmic Baseball Teams
New Mosaic GM
Kelly Green Replaces Havelock Ellis

Distracted by the April showers common to the area, Havelock Ellis abruptly resigned his position as the Krafft-Ebing Mosaics' general manager. Krafft-Ebing team owner Maria Krafft-Ebing immediately announced that Kelly Green would replace Ellis.

Green was born in the American south and attended business school in the Atlanta, Georgia area. For the past ten years she has run her own small business with significant success. Her connection with cosmic baseball before Ms. Krafft-Ebing's announcement today is not known.

The Krafft-Ebing Mosaics are a rookie cosmic baseball team currently competing in the CBA's regulated league.

April 1, 2009

The Fool: Pictorial Key

Cosmic Baseball Umpires
Tarot Fool Will Direct Umpires

The Cosmic Baseball Association announced today that a card from the Tarot's Major Arcana will take over as Umpire Director (formerly "Chief Umpire"). The Fool has a distinguished history inside the field of occult studies as well as a close connection to cosmic baseball. The Fool played two seasons with the Ridertown Tarotians, a regulated cosmic baseball team during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

It is important to note that the criteria used to select the Umpire Director is completely different than the moral/ethical criteria used to select the individual umpires of regulated cosmic baseball games. Essentially the Umpire Director is an administrative and morale-based position. The Tarot Fool is not the first "card" to direct CBA umpires. The ambiguously gendered Tarot card replaces Mr. Herm Card, a well-known and well-liked poet, teacher and baseball enthusiast from the State of New York in the United States of America.

Many writers on the Tarot regard the Fool as the most important and most profoundly mysterious card in the pack. It is the only one of the trumps to have survived in the modern pack of playing cards where it is the Joker, the 'wild card' which is exempt from normal rules and can take the place and play the part of any of the others. "
--Richard Cavendish, The Tarot. Harper & Row, New York: 1975

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