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Archived: May 31, 2003
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Cosmic Season Restart
May 2, 2003
The 2003 Cosmic Baseball Season restarted yesterday as all 24 Cosmic Baseball Association teams took to the various cosmic playing fields. There have been no games since March 20 when the season was suspended because of the war between the United States and the Republic of Iraq.

The full 162-game season will be played. The season will end October 23, one month later than originally scheduled. The Subleague Series will begin November 1 and the Cosmic Universal Series will commence, as scheduled, on Thanksgiving Day.

Cosmic Games Will Resume
April 21
As a response to the war between the United States and the Republic of Iraq, no regular Cosmic Baseball Association games have been played since March 19. The games will resume on May 1. Approximately 960 games (40 per team) have been missed. No decision on when or if these lost games will be played. If they are to be played the season would need at least a month's extension.

Cosmic players are currently reporting back to their teams and will spend the balance of this month preparing to resume their competitions.

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Archived: May 31, 2003
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