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Wonderland Warriors

The WONDERLAND WARRIORS are a team of individuals associated with the military, war and battle.

Official Team Roster

Player Position
Scipio Africanus 1B
Esther M. Blake C
Mike Boorda P
Omar Bradley 2B
William Calley P
Hernando Cortes RF
Crazy Horse IF
Moshe Dayan 3B
Tommy Franks IF
Vo Nguyen Giap LF
David Hackworth CF
Thomas Howie P
Anatoly Kvashnin P
Francis Marion SS
Francisco Pizarro P
Erwin Rommel OF
Rota P
Donald Rumsfeld OF
Sun Tzu P
Isoroku Yamamoto IF
George Custer Manager
Shaka Zulu Coach
Darrell Cole GM
Ares Owner
Memorial Stadium Park
Italics indicates Rookie

2004 Wonderland Warrior Rookie

Major Thomas Howie Link
Major Thomas Howie (Pitcher)
A hero known as the "Major of St. Lo", Thomas Howie displayed acts of human bravery and courage when he fought and gave his life in France during World War Two.

Related Military Link
"The Military Thought Journal has been my constant companion throughout the more than 60 years that I have served in the Armed Forces, and I meticulously follow all of its publications." by Yu.P. Maksimov in Military Thought, May-June, 2002, (Military Thought is "A Russian Journal of Military Theory and Strategy.")

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Wonderland Warriors Official 2004 Team Roster
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