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Vestal Virgins

The VESTAL VIRGINS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting women.

Season 2004 Dharma Beats
Player Position
Helena Blavatsky CF
Brigitte Boisselier P
Lila Brik P
Hillary Clinton 2B
Sofia Coppola P
Emily Dickinson IF
Jennifer Dodato SS
Isadora Duncan RF
Frances Farmer LF
Zelda Fitzgerald P
Tess Lampert P
Sharon Lopatka C
Courtney Love P
Meredith Mason 3B
June Miller P
Sylvia Plath P
Lissa Roche IF
Lou Andreas Salome P
Edie Sedgwick P
Valerie Solanas 1B
Uma Thurman C
Anne Sexton Manager
Marge Schott Coach
Hannah Arendt GM
Yoko Ono Owner
 Virgin Park Park
Team Index
Italics indicates ROOKIE

2004 Virgin Rookies

Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola (Pitcher)
Daughter of the film director Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia has achieved cinematic recognition for her direction of the film Lost in Translation which was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Tess Rose Lampert
Tess Rose Lampert (Pitcher)
Tess Lampert was, for many seasons, the owner of the Bhutan Vanguards, CBA's team of interesting artists. When the Vanguards were deactivated, Ms. Lampert was drafted by the Virgins to pitch.

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Published: March 5, 2004
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