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Season 2004 Archives

  • 11.28.04: Warriors Win Cosmic Universal Series

  • 9.27.04: Wonderland Warriors and Heartland Capitalists will meet in the Cosmic Universal Series starting November 25.

  • 9.26.04: Season 2004 Cosmic Playing Season Ends

  • 3.15.04: Season 2004 Cosmic Playing Season Begins

  • 2.29.04: CBA activates new cosmic baseball team: New Ceutical City Pharmers

  • 2.22.04: CBA Restructures Cosmic Playing Leagues
    Twelve teams are deactivaed. The remaining teams are reorganized into 2 leagues, the Upperleague consisting of the former six Overleague teams and the Loweleague consisting of five teams from the old Middle and Under Leagues and one new team.

  • 12.29.03: Regular playing season begins on March 15, 2004