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Motherland Mothers

The MOTHERLAND MOTHERS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting mothers.

Players Position
Rose Cain SS
Henrietta Crosby RF
Marie-Eleonore de Sade P
Lillian Farmer P
Jocasta P
Rose Kennedy IF/C
Laverne Rose 2B
Lydia Lawrence P
Joan Mapplethorpe P
Medea P
Louise Miller OF
Getrude Ochs C
Aurelia Plath P
Delia Rexroth OF
Rose Schwartz 3B
Alice de Forest Sedgwick IF
Roza Prussak Teitelbaum 1B
Mother Theresa P
Julia Warhola P
Anna Weinstein CF
May Williams LF
Donna Stone Manager
Naomi Ginsberg Coach
Gabrielle Kerouac GM
Elka Lampert Owner
Motherhood Park Park
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2004 Motherland Mother Rookie

Link to Alice de Forest Sedgwick 2004 Cosmic Player Plate
Alice de Forest Sedgwick (Infielder)
Mother of eight children, three who died early deaths, including Edie Sedgwick.

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Published: March 6, 2004
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