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Delta Dragons

The DELTA DRAGONS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of musicians, singers and composers.

Player Position
Ludwig V. Beethoven C
Wendy Carlos 2B
Randy Edelman P
 Eminem P
Jerry Garcia P
Dizzy Gillespie IF
Phillip Glass OF
Mikhail Glinka P
Woody Guthrie P
Trevor Jones P
John Lennon 1B
"Little Willie" Littlefield P
Robert Moog OF
Jim Morrison OF
Laura Nyro P
Paul Oakenfold IF
Charlie Parker P
Elvis Presley OF
Leon Theremin 3B
Don Van Vliet SS
Neil Young RF
Janis Joplin Manager
Paul Anka Coach
Jean-Luc Ponty GM
John Lee Hooker Owner
 Orpheum Park
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2004 Dragon Rookies

Robert Moog
Robert Moog (Outfielder)
Inventor of the Moog synthesizer, the first modern playable configurable musical synthesizer.

Leon Theremin
Leon Theremin (Thirdbaseman)
Inventor of the Theremin and pioneer of electronic music. The Theremin was the only musical instrument played without being touched.

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Published: March 6, 2004
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