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Dharma Beats

The DHARMA BEATS represent individuals associated with the Beat Generation, an American-inspired, post-World War Two literary and cultural movement. Between the Lost Generation and the Hippies stand the Beats.

Season 2004 Dharma Beats

Official Team Roster

Player Position
David Amram P
Levi Asher IF
Amiri Baraka P
Ray Bremser 3B
William Burroughs P
Lucien Carr SS
Gregory Corso 1B
Diane DiPrima P
Lawrence Ferlinghetti RF
Joan Haverty C/OF
John C. Holmes IF
Herbert Huncke C
Natalie Jackson OF
David Kammerer P
Jack Kerouac LF
Joanna McClure IF
Jack Micheline P
Charles Plymell CF
Gary Snyder P
Lew Welch P
Phillip Whalen 2B
Peter Orlovsky Manager
Gerald Nicosia Coach
John Sampas GM
Allen Ginsberg Owner
 DharmaDome Park
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Dharma Beats Official 2004 Team Roster
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