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Bigtopia Barnumstormers

The BIGTOPIA BARNUMSTORMERS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of freaks and sports of nature.

Player Position
George Augur C
Jonathan R. Bass P
Eli Bowen LF
Jane Campbell OF
James W. Coffey 3B
Myrtle Corbin P
Francesco A. Lentini CF
Jean&Jacques Libbera 1B
Vantile Mack P
Grace McDaniels P
John Merrick SS
Ivannow Orloff IF/C
Julia Pastrana P
Theodore Peteroff IF
Grady, III Stiles IF/OF
Charles Stratton P
Charles B. Tripp RF
Billy Wells 2B
Thomas Wilkinson P
Lucia Zarate P
Grady, Jr. Stiles Manager
Jenny Lind Coach
Lou Jacobs GM
Phineas T. Barnum Owner
Bigtopia Dome Park
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Italics indicates ROOKIE

2004 B'Stormer Rookies

Myrtle Corbin
Myrtle Corbin (Pitcher)
Four-Legged Woman

Grace McDaniels
Grace McDaniels (Pitcher)
The Mule-Faced Woman
John Merrick
John Merrick (Shortstop)
The Elephant Man
Julia Pastrana
Julia Pastrana (Pitcher)
The Bearded Lady

The Case of 'Freaks': Public reception of real disability
[Journal of Popular Film and Television, Winter, 2002. By Robin Larsen, Beth A. Haller]

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