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Bolex Poetics

The BOLEX POETICS are a team of experimental filmmakers, many associated with the New American Cinema movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Season 2004 Dharma Beats

Official Team Roster

Player Position
Kenneth Anger IF
Bruce Baillie C
Stan Brakhage P
Robert Breer IF/C
James Broughton 1B
Mary Ellen Bute P
Bruce Conner P
Storm De Hirsch LF
Maya Deren P
Hollis Frampton RF
Brian Frye OF
Ernie Gehr SS
Barry Gerson P
Alexander Hammid P
Peter Kubelka P
Adolfas Mekas 2B
Jonas Mekas P
Andrew Noren P
Harry Smith CF
Michael Snow P
Dziga Vertov 3B
P. Adams Sitney Manager
Ken Kelman Coach
Annette Michelson GM
Jerome Hill Owner
 PleasureDome Park
Team Index
Italics indicates ROOKIE

2004 Poetic Rookie

Mary Ellen Bute
Mary Ellen Bute (Pitcher)
Experimental filmmaker who worked with image and sound to develop a kinetic art form.

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Bolex Poetics Official 2004 Team Roster
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Published: March 6, 2004
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