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Alphatown Ionians

The ALPHATOWN IONIANS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting philosophers, scientists and thinkers.

Player Position
Anaxagoras P
Anaximander IF
Robert Atanasoff P
Rene Blondlot P
Robert Burton P
Noam Chomsky LF
Democritus P
John Dewey P
Sigmund Freud P
Robert Goddard RF
George Wilhelm Hegel 1B
Heraclitus OF
Immanuel Kant CF
Friederich Nietzsche C
Max Planck IF
Wilhelm Reich P
Bertrand Russell 2B
Leo Sternbach P
Alfred Tarski SS
Alan Turing 3B
Zeno IF/OF
Rene Descartes Manager
Anaximenes Coach
Ludwig Wittgenstein GM
Confucius Owner
AlphaDome Park
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Italics Indicates ROOKIE

2004 Ionian Rookies

Robert Burton
Robert Burton (Pitcher)
Author of the remarkable and encyclopedic The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621)

2004 Cosmic Player Plate

Leo Sternbach
Leo Sternbach (Pitcher)
Chemist who discovered the anti-anxiety drugs Librium and Valium.

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