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April 20, 2010

Link to Game Report
Cosmic Baseball Game
Dharma Beats @ Wall Street Debentures

Beat Generation personalities on the field play with folks associated with one of Wall Street's greatest scammers. Bernard Madoff was born the year that Jack Kerouac batted .385 for the Dracut Tigers in Massachusetts. In today's game, Madoff did not get his curve or any other pitch by the free-swinging Beats. Kerouac got two hits (and scored two runs) off the man they claim schemed people out of their money, to the tune of billions of dollars.

Dharma Beats team owner Allen Ginsberg is well known to be politically opposed to the machinations of capitalism. And many members of the Beats share their owner's disdain for the materialism that capitalism spawns. This explains why the old poet danced naked on the field after rookie Beat starting pitcher Seymour Krim finished the game by getting Deborah Madoff, the Debentures leftfielder, to fly out to centerfield.

April 3, 2010

Link to Game Report
Cosmic Baseball Player
Report: Mars Seems Distracted and Distant

Astronomers will tell you that the Planet Mars is in the Cancer constellation: "Mars, dimming into the distance at magnitude +0.1, shines very high in the south in early evening and in the southwest later. It's in Cancer, drawing away from Pollux and Castor in Gemini. " (Sky & Telescope, This Week's Planet Roundup [Week of March 26 - April 3.]). Astrologers will show you on their chartds that Mars, having just completed a retrograde phase is moving forward in the early part of the constellation Leo. Cancer is west of Leo.

April 1, 2010

Link to Game Report
Cosmic Baseball Game
Washington Presidents @ Babylon Barbies

What could be more American than American Barbie Dolls playing against American Presidents on the cosmic baseball field? Unfortunately the Barbies weren't quite up to the task as they committed a phenomenal amount of errors in the field and did nothing of note at the plate.

March 30, 2010

Link to Game Report
Personal Cosmic Game
2010 Paul Arthur Memorial Game

This season's Paul Arthur Memorial Cosmic Baseball Game honors Mr. Arthur's contributions to film education as a teacher and as a writer of film theory. A team of film schools and a team of film books compete on the cosmic field of play to honor Paul Arthur.

March 29, 2010

A Wordpress blog item about Jan Kerouac
Cosmic Baseball Teams
Jan Kerouac: New Beat Field Manager

The Dharma Beats announced that Jan Kerouac will take over the field management of the team effective immediately. Jan Kerouac, daughter of Jack Kerouac and Joan Haverty, replaces Peter Orlovsky.

Why this significant change right at the start of the new season? Nobody knows.

Like her father and mother, Jan was a creative writer. She wrote and published two novels while alive (Baby Driver and Trainsong; a third incomplete novel, Parrot Fever, was published posthumously.)

Jan Kerouac's father denied that he was her father but in March 1962 when Jan was ten years old, the New York court system ordered him to provide financial support for her existence (at the rate of $52 a month).

Father and daughter met only twice, once during the child support hearing in New York City and one more time in November 1967 when Jan, accompanied by her boyfriend, made a surprise visit to Lowell, Massachusetts where her father was living with his third wife, Stella, and his mother Gabrielle. According to a Kerouac biographer, Jack's mother Gabrielle was "disturbed by [Jan's] presence." (Paul Maher, Kerouac: The Definitive Biography, page 463).

According to another Kerouac biographer and scholar, Jan "connected her sexual activities with the absence of her father..." (Jim Jones, Jack Kerouac's Forgotten Families, page 114). Jones is referring to the fact that in 1972 and 1973 Jan earned a living as a sexual prostitute. She also attributed her kidney illness, which would eventually kill her in 1996 at age 44, in part, to her work as a whore.

Click link for the Jan Kerouac Wikipedia Record In the introduction to her mother's memoir Jan wrote, that her mother "was my greatest friend and confidant. (Introduction to Nobody's Wife by Joan Haverty).

Jan Kerouac was also cosmic baseball player for several seasons and she played for both the Dharma Beats and the Dharma Roses. She was an infielder, playing at thirdbase. So she knows her way around the field. Now, the daughter will manage the father, at least on the cosmic baseball field of play.

March 21, 2010

Season 2010 Main Plate
Cosmic Baseball Game
Dragons Beat Signs

The Zodiac Signs looked hot, the Delta Dragons looked cold but that was just the way the game began. Eventually, the Signs were cold and the Dragons went hot and then the game ended.

The only controversey occured outside the lines of play during an inning break. A verbal disagreement among and between the umpires was observed and heard. Dragon secondbaseman Jimmy Carl Black had just been called out on strikes by home plate umpire and child-pornography distributor Seth Bekenstein. As the teams switched from offense to defense the umpires gathered along the thirdbase line. At that point in time umpire and executed Virginia rapist/murderer Paul Powell called Beckstein a "blind Jew." Beckstein shouted back something in Yiddush and Timur Dykes stepped between the two men. The incident ended as the top of the ninth inning got underway.

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Published: April 1, 2010