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April 27, 2008

National Train Day Series

National Train Day Series

The Cosmic Baseball Association is celebrating the first [U.S.] National Train Day with the National Train Day Series.

Six teams are competing for the National Train Day Pennant to be awarded on May 10, 2008 to the team with the best record.

April 23, 2008

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Washington Presidents Draft Series
Clintons @ Obamas

Most everyone who follows Cosmic Baseball knows that the Washington Presidents will be drafting a new player, a rookie, who will become active for the 2009 season. This series is designed to determine who is best suited to join the team. Does the team need an outfielder, a pitcher, an infielder? A good hitter, a team player or an ingénue? These important questions, and others, need answers and the Washington Presidents Draft Series is designed to help get to the answers.

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League of Presidential Prospects
The Hillary Clintons
Terry McAuliffe 2B
Wesley Clark 1B
Geoff Garin SS
Ann Lewis CF
Mark Penn 3B
Mandy Grunwald LF
Howard Wolfson RF
Geraldine Ferraro C
Jack Nicholson P
The Barack Obamas
Cassandra Butts 3B
Tom Daschle LF
Caroline Kennedy RF
Anthony Lake 1B
David Axelrod CF
David Plouffe C
Samantha Power 2B
Austan Goolsbee SS
Jeremiah Wright P

April 15, 2008

Pew Forum: Religion and Politics

Cosmic Baseball Game
Popes @ Politicos

Pope Benedict VIII (born Theophylactus; died 4/9/1024) gets the nod as this game's most cosmic player. He scored two of the Popes' three runs and stole two bases (the seventh biblical commandment notwithstanding).

This game was played in honor of Pope Benedict XVI who is visiting the political center of the United States at this time. (XVI did not play in this game).

Pope Benedict VIII 411The city of Washington, D.C., accustomed to entertaining respected individuals from different lands and faiths dropped the ball in its earlier preparations by insulting and embarrassing some. The local public transportation system (the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, known locally as "Metro") produced an advertising campaign that utilized a popular baseball icon, a bobblehead doll.

Bobblehead Pope 411The promotional video featuring a bobblehead pope was pulled after complaints from the Archdiocese of Washington. Local transportation managers stopped display of the video, which aimed to encourage people to ride the Metro to Nationals Park (the local baseball team's brand new home field) where Pope Benedict XVI is saying Mass next week. An archdiocese representative said the video, which showed the bobblehead Pope riding a Metro train, made many people uncomfortable. Metro officials said no offense was meant.

Pope Benedict I pitched a phenomenal one-hitter providing fuel for those that argue that matters of faith take precedence over political matters. The United States' history of separating and mixing politics and religion, an imperfect process codified in its constitution, sometimes runs contrary to the notion of brother- and sisterhood that most religions espouse.

One nation, yes, but under one or many Gods? How does e pluribus unum work politically and theologically? We am reminded of Thomas Jefferson, Moses and of the Shema

Baseball, Bobbleheads, BusinessThe Politicos played without enthusiasm and it is not clear why. How often do they get to play baseball with a Pope? (Never!). Governor Huckabee of Arkansas secured the only hit the Politicos had in nine innings. George Washington pitched well but he was not helped in the field by first baseman Biden's foolish error resulting in an unearned run. It was, mostly, a quiet almost pastoral game, without the thronging cheering/jeering masses experienced at the Washington National's opener a couple of weeks ago.

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April 14, 2008

Cosmic Game Report
Washington Presidents @ Zodiac Signs

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Ronald Reagan's comprehension of certain astrological principles made him the smart choice to start this game for the Washington Presidents. Unfortunately, the Zodiac Signs have a better understanding of President Reagan's pitching style. The Signs opened up on the "Gipper" right from the beginning and scored three runs in the first inning...more than they would need to beat the Presidents 6-1.

April 12, 2008

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Season 2008 Main Plate On May 2004 baseball historian John Thorn [r] announced the fact that baseball had been played in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1791.

This prompted to run the banner, "Pittsfield is Baseball's Garden of Eden".

Thorn's historical research had led to something euphemistically called "The Broken Window Bylaw" which restricted games with balls, including baseball, from being played within 80 yards of the Pittsfield Meeting House (as it existed in 1791.) Pittsfield's citizens and leaders gladly accepted the notion that their city was the true birthplace of baseball...not Cooperstown, New York and not Hoboken, New Jersey.

Thorn is also the talented researcher who doubts that Henry Chadwick is the true father of the box score. Noting that the game of cricket "supplied the model" Thorn writes, "Credit for the shorthand scoring system belongs not to Chadwick but to Michael J. Kelly [sports writer] of the [New York] Herald. "The box score beyond the recording of outs and runs may be Kelly's invention as well" (emphasis added).

Baseball Biography Project at the Society for American Baseball Research - SABR

Essentially the box score is a database, or a table of data organized into rows and columns that detail and summarize events and facts related to one unique baseball game.

Baseball Pitcher Comparison Table

This data baseball box has evolved in its details over time but it is essentially what it has always artifact that meshes individual and collective facts into rows, columns, and notes.

David Kindred, a sports writer for The Sporting News quotes journalism professors Charlie Tuggle and Don Sneed who quote Sports Illustrated writer Steve Lopez that the baseball box score "is nearly as detailed as a Melville novel."

April 9, 2008

Cecilia at YouTube
Winning Pitcher

Personal Cosmic Game
Cinema Effect @ Filthy Films

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The Filthy Films first played on a cosmic baseball field at the end of last May when they beat a Found Film Footage team 3-0 (see game report here). On Valentine's Day this year, the first part of The Cinema Effect exhibit opened at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Most of The Cinema Effect team is derived from stills found in the pamphlet available at the Hirshhorn in Washington, D.C. (USA). The Cinema Effect's pitching staff consists of two stills from Andy Warhol's 1963 film, Sleep. These stills do not appear in the pamphlet but approximately 120 minutes of the 5 1/2 hour film have been transferred to video and are part of the Hirshhorn exhibit.

"Questions of reality and illusion lie at the center of The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality and the Moving Image," according to the Museum's press release.

Cinema Vertov at YouTube
Dziga Vertov
In 1922, Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertov (1896-1954) established a documentary film production group called Kino-Pravda (literally, film truth.) Vertov's work is not represented in the Hirshhorn exhibition under discussion here. Warhol's condensed Sleep is the oldest work in the exhibition, at a museum that focuses on contemporary art. But whenever the reality/illusion dialectics of film art are discussed, Vertov skulks nearby. (Several reviews of the exhibit have already been created by Cinema Vertov.)

At a time when the internet has accelerated the dialectic between the real and the unreal, the virtual and the actual...the surreal, modified and adapted for the post-modern, re-emerges and the moving image is, once again, the container for the surreal. The Andalusia Dog turns out to be Dorothy's Toto.

About the Game...
The Filthy Films beat the players from the Hirshhorn exhibition. Is that surprising? Look at the bottom lines. How many fans will pay money and spend time watching films that could be classified as pornographic? And how many fans will spend time to visit a free-admission exhibition? To be silly about it...lascivious exhibitionism will beat putative vanguard exhibitions almost all the time.

We have not asked the Hirshhorn for attendance statistics. In 2005 according to estimates published by AVN, an adult entertainment industry trade publication, sales and rentals of video pornography generated $4.28 billion. (Ironically, that figure dropped in 2006 to $3.62 billion and the internet was suggested as the reason for the decline in sales.)

Baseball Abbreviations
Adventures of Hoogrrl

Inside Smithsonian Research

About the Exhibition...
It is about the "impact of the cinematic on our perceptions of what is real and what is illusion" (from the Exhibition pamphlet). The exhibition is divided into two parts separated temporally. Part 1, subtitled "Dreams" ends May 11 and Part 2, subtitled "Realisms" begins June 19 (and ends September 7.) Films and their relationships to our dreams has perhaps been studied more than dreams and their relationships to our unconscious minds. The 21 pieces of "The Cinema Effect: Dreams" (not all works made the team) include Warhol's Sleep and a loop from the movie King Kong showing Fay Wray screaming over and over again. There are digital puppet like characters, a room with an aged projector projecting an aged typewriter and other examples that explore the intersection of art and technology. Real machines generating unreal realms. Like many museum exhibits that probe film-as-art, several selections deal with the film/train metaphor such as the non-roster Overture by Stan Douglas and Geisterbahn ("ghost railroad") by Darren Almond. The curators of the Cinema Effect exhibition are Kerry Brougher and Kelly Gordon.

Cinema Effect Roster
Still from Release (1996) by Christoph Giradet
Christoph Giradet
Still from Off Screen (1998) by Douglas Gordon

Still from Bear (1993) by Steve McQueen

Still from Neither There Nor There (2005) by Siebren Versteeg

Still from Trailer (2005) by Saskia Olde Wolber

Still from Up and Away (2006) by Michael Bell-Smith

Still from Rheinmetall/Victoria 8 (2003) by Rodney Graham

Still from Eight (2001) by Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler

Still from Sleep (1963) by Andy Warhol


About the Filthy Films...
The Filthy Films are an exciting team to watch, especially if you are infused at the time with above average levels of libido and you do not object to salacious and lascivious matters. Like the opposition in this game the Filthy Films rely on the discourse that focuses on the sense of sight as a source of truth (the platitude "seeing is believing" was an integrating theme on the field of play during this cosmic baseball game. Filthy Film left fielder Macarena garnered the game's "Most Cosmic Player" nod for her three hits and two runs in four at bats.

Filthy Films Roster
Altamira Thirdbase
Helman Twins Firstbase
Macarena Leftfield
Tangerine Centerfield
Maybelline Secondbase
Anna Rightfield
Anne & Eva Catcher
Mrs. Robinson Shortstop
Cecilia Pitcher

Game Notes...
Time 3 hours, 4 minutes
Weather Clear 63o, Wind 8mph
Attendance Undisclosed
Umpires Bruce Baillie
Maya Deren
Andrew Noren
Official Scorer Sophia Coppola
MCP Macarena

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