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April 7, 2007

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2007 Cosmic Player Plate

She is a rookie on a rookie team. She's a relief pitcher, a southpaw. She pitches in the nude and that makes her a controversial cosmicx baseball player...and she's not really a she. NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO is a domain and as such is only the second non-humanoid player to have a cosmic player plate. (The drug known as Prozac is the other non-humanoid with a player plate, published in 2004.)

But because this left-handed member of the Interland Domains appears in the form of a naked woman when on the pitching mound, batters are reportedly distracted. NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO is breaking no rules although opponents credit her pitching skill less than they scower at her obvious attempt at psychological manipulation. It's all part of the game, according to the rules.

March 25, 2007

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Game Report

Link to Game Report
Some predicted that the Washington Presidents would be too distracted by the rookie nomination process used to determine the next new roster member. Despite the fact that that process will not conclude until after next season, the complexity of the process was deemed significant enough that this season's team would lack focus. This game does not prove that line of thought. A focused offense soundly, roundly defeated the Cosmic Baseball Association's newest team, the Interland Domains, in this cosmic baseball game.

In the top of the ninth inning a brief controversy erupted when the Domains sent pitcher in to relieve President manager Karl Rove protested to umpire Mark Foley who conferenced with his fellow umpires. Rove requested that either the relief pitcher be clothed or another reliever be used. The umpires denied the request and nakedelectricity came in to pitch. Jimmy Carter grounded out to thirdbase, John Quincy Adams drew a walk and James Garfield hit into a double-play.

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Archived: April 30, 2007