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Wonderland Warriors

Cosmic Player
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Africanus Scipio 1B
Blake Esther M. C
Boorda Mike P
Boyd John P
Bradley Omar 2B
Calley William P
Cortes Hernando RF
Crazy Horse   IF
Dayan Moshe 3B
Franks Tommy IF
GI Joe   IF/OF
Giap Vo Nguyen LF
Hackworth David CF
Howeish Tawwab P
Kvashnin Anatoly P
Marion Francis SS
Pizarro Francisco P
Rommel Erwin OF
Rota   P
Rumsfeld Donald OF
Sun Tzu   P
Yamamoto Isoroku IF
Team Management
Custer George Manager
Zulu Shaka Coach
Cole Darrell GM
Ares   Owner
Italics indicates ROOKIE

Overleague Team

The Wonderland Warriors consists of famous, infamous and otherwise notable individuals related to the military profession.

Season 2002 Record
Rookies on Roster
Abdul Tawab Howeish
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2003 Warrior Rookie
John Boyd
United States Air Force fighter pilot. Boyd was one of the first instructors at the Fighter Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. He designed the tactics curriculum and never lost a dogfight. He was, in the 1950s, regarded as the finest fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. After retiring from the USAF in 1975 Boyd went on to become a leader of the Military Reform Movement and an influential "warrior scientist."

Abdul Tawab el-Mulla Howeish
Howeish is a deputy prime minister of Iraq and the chief of the Ministry of Military Industrialization. That is the government department widely believed to be the focal point of Iraq's development of weapons of mass destruction.

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Published: February 15, 2003
Last Update: February 15, 2003