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Merryland Tricksters

Cosmic Player POS
Anansi RF
Gimpel C
Hanahpu SS
Harold of Orange IF
Jackro IF
Kokopelli 3B
Loki 2B
Maymaygwashi P
Melusine OF
Mr. McGillicuddy P
Phoolon Devi OF
Q 1B
Rebekah P
Shagdar P
Sinterklaas P
Tinkerbell P
Uncle Tompa P
Wakdjunkaga P
Wisakejak P
Wizard of Oz IF
Xbalgue LF
Team Management
Houdini, Harry Manager
Fouke le Fitzwaryn Coach
Eustace the Monk GM
Doctor Sax Owner
Trickster Park
Seats 118
Italics indicates ROOKIE

Underleague Team

The Merryland Tricksters are a cosmic baseball team of tricksters and imps.
Season 2002 Record
Rookies on Roster
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2003 Trickster Rookies

Also known as "Whiskey Jack" this Native American trickster appears frequently in the myths generated by the Cree.


I saw the devil again
Gave me deliverance
I saw my angel and then
I couldn't tell the difference
It was a trickster, mister
I saw my father again
He was too busy with his friends
I saw my mother and then
She asked if I knew where her daughter went
It was a trickster, mister
I know why - this is the color of divine.
I burned my fire again
I answered all my questions
I saw the liar and then
I had x-ray visions
It was a trickster, mister
Trickster mister I can resist you
Losers, weepers my brother's keepers.
I know why.

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Published: March 9, 2003
Last Update: March 9, 2003