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Heartland Capitalists

Cosmic Player POS
Ballmer Steve CF
Bastiat Claude Frederic P
Bezos Jeff SS
Buchanan James M. P
Carnegie Andrew P
Case Steven 3B
Dell Michael P
Edgeworth Francis P
Esrey William 2B
Foerstnet George P
Galbraith John Kenneth IF
Gates Bill RF
Hayek Friedrich P
Iacocca Lee 1B
Knight Philip P
Morita Akio IF
Pepper John C
Rothbard Murray OF
Schumpeter Joseph OF
Seldon Arthur P
Veblen Thorstein LF
Team Management
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Ayn Manager
Sherman Andrew Coach
Patinkin Don GM
Drucker Peter Owner
Italics indicates ROOKIE

Middleleague Team

The Heartland Capitalists are a cosmic baseball team of economists and businessmen.
Season 2002 Record
Rookies on Roster
Claude Frederic Bastiat
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2003 Capitalists Rookies

Claude Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)
French "free trade" activist and author of Economic Harmonies.

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Published: February 15, 2003
Last Update: February 15, 2003