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Made his first film at the age of 11. Part of American avant-garde cinema's first wave.
Baillie, Bruce
Founder of the Canyon Cinema theater and film distribution cooperative. A master of the "lyric" mode of American avant-garde filmmaking.
Brakhage, Stan
One of the leading practitioners of American avant-garde filmmaking. Wrote Metaphors on Vision which contains much theoretical material regarding the art of the film.
Breer, Robert
Originally trained as a painter, Breer became a luminary in the "graphic" animated wing of the American avant-garde cinema.
Broughton, James
Part of the first wave of American avant-garde filmmakers. He began working with film experimentally in the 1940s and became a member of the Film Selection Committee of the Anthology Film Archives.
Bunuel, Luis
Spanish-born surrealist filmmaker, Bunuel's influence on the American avant-garde cinema is well documented. His first film, Un Chien Andalou (1928) is considered a classic in the avant-garde film field.
Conner, Bruce
Scupltor and collagist who began making experimental films in the 1950s.
De Hirsch, Storm
New York based avant-garde filmmaker and poet.
Deren, Maya
One of the earliest and most profound of the American avant-garde filmmakers. She began her work in the 1940s and contributed important a number theoretical ideas to the emerging group of avant-garde filmmakers.
Frampton, Hollis
Frampton evolved from a still photographer to a leading light in the avant-garde film movement known as "New American Cinema", which flourished in the 1960s and 1970s. A keen eye, a sharp intelligence, and a vibrant imagination combined to make Frampton a visual artist of the first rank.
Frye, Brian
Experimental filmmaker from California. Frye studied filmmaking at the University of California in Berkeley and received a Masters of Fine Art degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. Deriving inspiration from Jonas Mekas, Hollis Frampton and Ernie Gehr, Frye could be considered part of the next generation of the New American Cinema. According to film reviewer Fred Camper, Frye's work "points toward an intellectual cinema that questions the ways we see and know the world."
Gehr, Ernie
A leader of the so-called "Structural" filmmakers of the late 1960s, Gehr has provided one of the most interesting definitions of cinema: "Film is a variable intensity of light, an internal balance of time, a movement within a given space."
Gerson, Barry
New York based experimental filmmaker.
Hammid, Alexander
Early avant-garde filmmaker and Maya Deren's husband.
Kubelka, Peter
Peter Kubelka, Pitcher
b. 1934
Austrian-born avant-garde filmmaker who was a leading maker of "Structural" films in the 1960s. Kubelka also designed the original film screening room at Anthology Film Archives.
Mekas, Adolfas
Lithuanian-born experimental filmmaker, he came to the United States with his brother Jonas in 1949. The two brothers were, in large part, responsible for the emergence of the avant-garde film community in New York during the 1950s. In the 1970s Adolfas became chairman of the Bard College Film Department which has trained a number of next-generation avant-garde filmmakers.
Mekas, Jonas
Lithuanian-born avant-garde filmmaker, Jonas came to the United States in 1949. In 1955 he founded Film Culture magazine and in 1960 he was the inspiration and chief organizer of the New American Cinema Group. Through his "Movie Journal" column in the Village Voice newspaper and his other activities, Jonas Mekas tirelessly publicized and supported the American avant-garde film movement. His own filmmaking work is focused on the "diary" form and it has been said that within a week of moving to America he bought a Bolex movie camera to record the everyday occurrences of life in his adopted country.
Noren, Andrew
New York based experimental filmmaker. Kodak Ghost Poems is a notable example of his early work.
Smith, Harry
One of the originators of the hand-painted film, Smith began working with film before 1940. Smith's work with film animation and formal film theory has led Sitney to call him "one of the central filmmakers of the avant-garde tradition."
Snow, Michael
The "dean of structural filmmakers." Snow's 1967 film Wavelength won first prize at the fourth International Experimental Film Festival. Annette Michelson calls Wavelength a metaphor for consciousness.
Vertov, Dziga
Born in Russian Poland, Vertov began his innovative work in film at the age of 20. His film Man With a Movie Camera (1929) influenced both documentary and experimental filmmaking in Russia and in the West.
Team Management
Sitney, P. Adams
Sitney's interest in the avant-garde film began when he was sixteen and he founded a film magazine in New Haven, Connecticut. After attending Yale University Sitney became an editor of Film Culture magazine and served on the Film Selection Committee of the Anthology Film Archives. More than any other individual, Sitney is responsible for defining and providing context to the multi-varied activities of the filmmakers associated with the American avant-garde cinema. In 1974 he published Visionary Film which provides an historical and theoretical discussion of the aesthetics of American avant-garde film from the 1940s through the 1970s.
Kelman, Ken
Dramatist, film critic and teacher he was a regular contributor to Film Culture magazine. Kelman also was a member of the Film Selection Committee of the Anthology Film Archives.
Michelson, Annette
An original and influential commentator on the avant-garde art world. With innovative essays on aesthetics such as "Film and the Radical Aspiration" Michelson contributed theoretical insights that influenced many of the filmmakers associated with the American experimental film.
Hill, Jerome
Painter, composer and filmmaker, Hill was also a significant patron of the American avant-garde film community. His 1971 Film Portrait is an excellent example of the personal amateur home movie which influenced the autobiographical wing of avant-garde filmmaking.
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The Bolex Poetics are a cosmic baseball team of avant-garde and experimental filmmakers, many associated with the New American Cinema movement.
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