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Alphatown Ionians

Cosmic Player
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Anaxagoras*   P
Anaximander   IF
Atanasoff Robert P
Blondlot Rene P
Chomsky Noam LF
Democritus Democritus P
Dewey John P
Freud Sigmund P
Goddard Robert RF
Hegel George Wilhelm 1B
Heraclitus   OF
Kant Immanuel CF
Nietzsche Friederich C
Planck Max IF
Prodicus Prodicus IF/OF
Reich Wilhelm P
Russell Bertrand 2B
Sidgwick Henry P
Spengler Oswald P
Tarski Alfred SS
Turing Alan 3B
Team Management
Descartes Rene Manager
Ellis Havelock Coach
Wittgenstein Ludwig GM
Confucius   Owner
Italics indicates ROOKIE
*Reactivated player

Overleague Team

The Alphatown Ionians are a team of philosophers and scientists. For this season there are 16 philosophers and 9 scientists on the roster (including managers and coaches.)
Season 2002 Record
Rookies on Roster
Henry Sidgwick

Reactivated Players

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2003 Ionian Rookie
Henry Sidgwick (1838-1900)
Influenced by the utilitarian theories of John Stuart Mill, Sidgwick wrote Methods of Ethics (1874). Sidgwick attempted to synthesize Mill's ethics with his "intuitional" or "duty ethics" theory of morality. Sidgwick was one of the founders and first president (1882-85, 1888-93) of the Society for Psychical Research and a member of Metaphysical Society

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Published: January 15, 2003
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