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Archived: March 31, 2003
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Famous Battles @ Best Pictures
March 24, 2003
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While regular season cosmic baseball games have been suspended until the current war in Iraq ends, Personal Cosmic Baseball Games are not subject to the suspension. The Famous Battles @ Best Pictures cosmic baseball game was played today in the park called Memorial Theater Fields.

Decisive battles, as identified by Edward Shepherd Creasy, battled a group of moving pictures honored either as Best Pictures of the Year or nominated for the honor by the people who hand-out the Oscars. Furthermore, all of the players on the Best Pictures are movies that have "war " as a theme or significant plot aspect.

Creasy's 1851 book The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World  was listed by U.S. President Harry S. Truman as one of the books that most influenced his life.

It was interesting to watch The Battle of Saratoga (1777) outpitch three Best Picture pitchers: Dr. Strangelove (1964), Wake Island (1942), and Sergeant York (1941).

Cosmic Baseball Games Suspended
March 20, 2003
Eventually we should give peace a chance
As a result of the beginning of the war between the United States of America (including its "coalition forces")and the Republic of Iraq, and pursuant to the guidelines issued by the Board of Directors of the Cosmic Baseball Association, all regularly scheduled cosmic baseball games will be suspended until further notice. The ban on regularly scheduled cosmic baseball games does not apply to the simulation of selected Personal Cosmic Baseball Games.

Whether war is diplomacy by other means or an invention of the devil, the fact is, like prostitution, it is one of humankind's oldest activities. There is nothing glib about war: it kills and maims and shatters many lives. We pray for all the souls who will soon be devastated by the commencement of yet another tragic moment in the history of human relations.

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CBA's War Plans
March 18, 2003
Make Love, Not War
The Board of Directors, meeting yesterday in an emergency session on the island of Palm Beach in Florida, issued guidelines as to the operations of the Cosmic Baseball Association if the United States of America goes to war against the country of Iraq. According to the guidelines, in the event of a war, all regularly scheduled cosmic baseball games will be suspended. Depending on the length of the war, suspended games may or may not be made up with an extended season schedule.

Season 2003 Opener- Pisces @ Virgins
March 15, 2003
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Link to Game Report
This season's opener had last Season's Cosmic Universal Series winner, the Vestal Virgins, face the Cosmic Baseball Association's "Flagship Team", the Paradise Pisces. There was more hitting than pitching and both starters looked rusty. Standouts include rookie Pisces catcher, Felicia Gleaton, who had two hits (including a triple), two runs and two runs batted in and a stolen base. The Virgins collectively hit four doubles. Hilary Clinton had a triple. Two triples in the first game of the season...what could this mean?

Iraq @ Korea: A Personal Cosmic Game
March 2, 2003
Iraq @ Korea cosmic Game Report
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Iraq and (North) Korea are rogue nations and they have become the focus of a cosmic realignment of international relations. Both are ancient lands with deep and complex histories. This personal cosmic game pits these two renegades against each other in a cosmic baseball game. In reality the (South) Koreans have more baseball experience than the Iraqis. But such real world experience frequently has little cache in the games played on the fields of cosmic baseball. The players are individuals culled from the history of each nation, both ancient characters and figures from modern history play in the game.

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