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Wonderland Warriors

A Cosmic Overleague Team

Warrior Position
Nana Yaa Asantewaa Catcher
Vernon Baker Pitcher
Esther M Blake Catcher
Jeremy Boorda Boorda 1997 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Omar Bradley Bradley 1996 Cosmic Player PlateSecondbase
William Calley Calley 1996 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Hernando Cortes Cortes 1998 Cosmic Player PlateRightfield
Crazy Horse Crazy Horse 2000 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Moshe Dayan Dayan 1997 Cosmic Player PlateThirdbase
Vo Nguyen Giap Giap 1997 Cosmic Player PlateLeftfield
Che Guevara Che 1996 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
David Hackworth Centerfield
Tojo Hideki Outfield
Darlene Iskra Pitcher
Anatoly Kvashnin Pitcher
Francis Marion Marion 1999 Cosmic Player PlateShortstop
Francisco Pizarro Pizarro 1998 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Rota Pitcher
Africanus Scipio Scipio 1998 Cosmic Player PlateFirstbase
SunTzu Pitcher
Isoroku Yamamoto Yamamoto 1997 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Team Management
George Custer Custer 1996 Cosmic Player PlateManager
Shaka Zulu Shaka 1998 Cosmic Player PlateCoach
Darrell Cole G.M.
Ares Owner
Memorial Stadium Seats 78,198
Italics indicates ROOKIE   Indicates Link to Cosmic Player Plate
The WONDERLAND WARRIORS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of military personalities. The Season 2001 Warriors won the 2001 Cosmic Universal Series making them currently the best Cosmic Baseball Team.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Francis Marion, SSMarion
2Omar Bradley, 2BBradley
3Hernando Cortes, RFCortes
4Moshe Dayan, 3BDyan
5Scipio Africanus, 1BScipio
6Vo Nguyen Giap, LFTojo
7David Hackworth, CFHackworth
8Esther Blake, CBlake
9Sun Tzu, PSun Tzu

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Wonderland Warriors Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 15, 2002
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