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Vestal Virgins

A Cosmic Overleague Team

Vestal Virgin Position Description
Baskerville Dee Outfield Queen of
South Hill
Blavatsky Helena Centerfield 1999 Cosmic Player PlateOccultist
Brik Lila Pitcher 2000 Cosmic Player PlateRussian Actress
Clinton Hillary Secondbase US Senator
Dickinson Emily Infield 1996 Cosmic Player PlatePoet
Duncan Isadora Rightfield 1998 Cosmic Player PlateDancer
Farmer Frances Leftfield 1998 Cosmic Player PlateActress
Fitzgerald Zelda Pitcher 1998 Cosmic Player PlateWriter
Franco Veronica Thirdbase Prostitute
Immerwahr Clara Pitcher Pacifist
Lopatka Sharon Catcher 1998 Cosmic Player PlateInternet Victim
Love Courtney Pitcher 1996 Cosmic Player PlateMusician
Marsden Dora Pitcher Feminist
Miller June Pitcher 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (Pisces)Muse
Phillips-Bliss Jennifer Lee Infield Muse
Plath Sylvia Pitcher Plath Chronology, Part 1Poet
Roche Lissa Shortstop Political Activist
Salome Lou Andreas Pitcher 1998 Cosmic Player PlatePsychologist
Sedgwick Edie Pitcher Model
Solanas Valerie Firstbase Writer
Thurman Uma Catcher 1996 Cosmic Player PlateActress
Team Management
Sexton Anne Manager Sexton InterviewPoet
Schott Marge Coach Citizen
Arendt Hannah G.M. Philosopher
Ono Yoko Owner 1996 Cosmic Player PlateMusician
Virgin Fields Seats 23,178
Italics indicates ROOKIE    Link to Cosmic Player Plate
The VESTAL VIRGINS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of interesting women.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order
1Blavatsky, CFBlavatsky
2Roche, SSLissa Roche
3Clinton, 2BHillary Clinton
4Duncan, RFIsadora Duncan
5Solanas, 1BValerie Solanas
6Farmer, LFFrancis Farmer
7Franco, 3BVeronica Franco
8Lopatka, CSharon Lopatka
9Plath, PSylvia Plath

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Vestal Virgins Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 7, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association