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Telecity Superbas

A Cosmic Middleleague Team

Telecity Superbas Position
Gillian Anderson Pitcher
Joey Bishop Rightfield
Drew Carey Firstbase
Johnny Carson Pitcher
David Chase Catcher
Will Farrell Pitcher
Tom Green Pitcher
Benny Hill Pitcher
David E. Kelley Pitcher
Sheila Kuehl Leftfield
Ricki Lake Secondbase
Jay Leno Catcher
Tea Leoni Pitcher
David Letterman Outfield
John McGinley Pitcher
Debra Messing Pitcher
Krista Miller Centerfield
Conan O'Brien Infield
Laura Prepon Thirdbase
Aaron Sorkin Shortstop
Maura Tierney Season 2002 Cosmic Player PlateOutfield
Team Management
Regis Philbin Manager
Chris Farley Coach
John Stewart G.M.
Howdy Doody Owner
Teledome Seats 44,197
Italics indicates ROOKIE  
The TELECITY SUPERBAS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of television actors and personalities.
Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1David Letterman, LFDavid Letterman
2Jay Leno, CJay Leno
3Drew Carey, 1BDrew Carey
4Krista Miller, CFKrista Miller
5Laura Prepon, 3BLaura Prepon
6Ricki Lake, 2BRicki Lake
7Joey Bishop, RFKoey Bishop
8Aaron Sorkin, SSAaron Sorkin
9Johnny Carson, PJohnny Carson

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Telecity Superbas Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 21, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association