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Psychedelphia Woodstockings

A Cosmic Middleleague Team

Woodsox Players Position
Eldridge Cleaver Pitcher
Angela Davis Leftfield
Duke Devlin Outfield
Bob Dylan Firstbase
Betty Friedan Catcher
Lou Gottlieb Secondbase
Abbie Hoffman Pitcher
Oscar Janiger Link to 2001 Cosmic Player PlateCenterfield
Martin Luther King Shortstop
Timothy Leary Link to 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (Pisces)Pitcher
Charles Manson Pitcher
Mohammad Ali Outfield
Huey Newton Infield
Phil Ochs Link to 1998 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Lee Oswald Rightfield
Katherine Power Pitcher
Jerry Rubin Pitcher
Mario Savio Catcher
Twiggy Link to 2000 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Viva Pitcher
Howard Zinn Thirdbase
Team Management
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi MinhManager
Link to 1998 Cosmic Player PlateSpiro Agnew
Link to Spiro Agnew 1998 Cosmic Player PlateCoach
Bo Belinsky
Bo BelinskyG.M.
Student Non-Violent Coordinating CommitteeOwner
Strawberry Fields Seats
Italics indicates ROOKIE
Cosmic Player Plate Link Indicator
The PSYCHEDELPHIA WOODSTOCKINGS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of individuals and ideas from the 1960s.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Lou Gottlieb, 2BLou Gottlieb
2Mario Savio, CMario Savio
3Muhammad Ali, LFMuhammad Ali
4Lee Oswald, RFLee Harvey Oswald
5Oscar Janiger, CFLink to Oscar Janiger 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
6Howard Zinn, 3BHoward Zinn
7Bob Dylan, 1BBob Dylan
8Martin King, SSMartin Luther King, Jr.
9Timothy Leary, PTimothy Leary

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Psychedelphia Woodstockings Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 21, 2002
Updated: March 4, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association