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Paradise Pisces

A Cosmic Overleague Team

Player Date of Birth Position
Marion Barry
Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.
03/06/1936 Pitcher
Drew Barrymore
02/22/1975 Centerfield
2000 Cosmic Player Plate Robert Bork
Former appelate court judge
03/01/1927 Pitcher
Elizabeth Browning
03/06/1806 Pitcher
2000 Cosmic Player Plate Cyd Charisse
03/08/1921 Pitcher
2001 Cosmic Player PlateFrederic Chopin
03/01/1810 Infield
2001 Cosmic Player Plate Fats Domino
02/26/1928 Firstbase
2000 Cosmic Player Plate Wyatt Earp
03/19/1848 Pitcher
1999 Cosmic Player Plate Kelsey Grammer
02/20/1955 Pitcher
Silvio Gesell
03/17/1862 Pitcher
George Harrison
02/25/1943 Secondbase
1996 Cosmic Player Plate Patricia Hearst
Kidnapping victim
02/20/1954 Rightfield
Jennifer Love Hewitt
02/21/1979 Outfield
Henrik Ibsen
03/20/1828 Catcher
Steve Jobs
Computer programmer
02/24/1955 Leftfield
Spike Lee
03/20/1957 Shortstop
2002 Cosmic Player PlateHenry W. Longfellow
02/27/1807 Outfield
Doctor Seuss
Children's writer
03/02/1904 Catcher
Bugsy Siegel
Organized crime personality
02/28/1906 Outfield
Anton Vivaldi
03/04/1678 Thirdbase
1999 Cosmic Player Plate Vanessa Williams
Actress/Former Miss America
03/18/1963 Pitcher
Team Management
Cobain Interview Kurt Cobain
02/20/1967 Manager
Edgar Cayce
03/18/1877 Coach
2000 Cosmic Player Plate Chelsea Clinton
Former U.S. First Daughter
02/27/1980 G.M.
Andrew Zinebrenner
03/15/1928 Owner
Paradise Park Seating Capacity: 33,333
Italics indicates ROOKIE  Link to Cosmic Player Plate
The PARADISE PISCES are the Cosmic Baseball Association's flagship team. The Pisces became, on October 9, 1981 the first cosmic baseball team ever created. Eligibility requirements for the Pisces roster changed several seasons ago. As it stands today, all roster members must be born between February 20 and March 21.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1George Harrison, 2BGeorge Harrison
2Drew Barrymore, CFDrew Barrymore
3Patricia Hearst, RFPatricia Hearst
4Spike Lee, SSSpike Lee
5Fats Domino, 1BFats Domino
6Steve Jobs, LFSteve Jobs
7Frederic Chopin, 3BFrederic Chopin
8Dr. Seuss, CDr. Seuss
9Vanessa Williams, PVanessa Williams

Who prays and serves, and prays some more? And feeds the beggar at the door – And weeps o'er loves lost long before?
—Poor Pisces
The ancient constellation Pisces is located in the sky south of Andromeda and Pegasus and northwest of Cetus. In the Northern Hemisphere the constellation can be seen in the early Fall.

Pisces is the twelfth of the zodiacal constellations and is symbollically represented by two joined fish frequently depicted as swimming in opposite directions.

Greek mythology tells us that the two fish are actually Venus and her son Cupid who disguised themselves and hid in the Nile River to escape the wrath of Typhon. Of course the awareness of Pisces, in the sky, was known well before the arrival of the Ancient Greek civilization.

Individuals born under the sign of Pisces are typically impractical, dreamy, creative and intuitive. Often the Pisces character is a soul in search of a container which will shape and form them.

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Paradise Pisces Season 2002 Official Team Roster
Published: January 13, 2002
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