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Phaetown Cars

A Cosmic Underleague Team

Phaetown Cars Position
1896 Duryea Pitcher
1923 Ford (Model T) Pitcher
1926 Dodge Pitcher
1929 Chevy Pitcher
1936 Dusenburg Pitcher
1936 Ford (Phaeton) Secondbase
1938 Studebaker Outfield
1939 Mercury Rightfield
1947 Chrysler Infield
1951 Studebaker Leftfield
1953 Chevy (Corvette) Catcher
1955 Ford (T-Bird) Pitcher
1958 Edsel Infield
1963 Studebaker (Avanti) Pitcher
1968 Ford Mustang Pitcher
1968 Plymouth (Roadrunner) Firstbase
1971 Peugeot 304 Pitcher
1973 Chevelle Wagon Outfield
1977 Pacer (AMC) Shortstop
1983 Ford LTD Centerfield
1989 Volkswagen Golf Thirdbase
Team Management
John DeLorean Manager
Walter P. Chrysler Coach
Louis Chevrolet GM
Ransom Eli Olds Owner
Phaetown Field Seats
Italics indicates ROOKIE
The PHAETOWN CARS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of automobiles.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

11936 Ford, 2B
21977 Pacer, SS
31968 Road Runner,1B
41983 Ford LTD, CF
51989 VW Golf,3B
61951 Studebaker, LF
71939 Mercury, RF
81953 Corvette, C
91968 Mustang, P

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Phaetown Cars Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: February 4, 2002
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