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Dharma Beats

A Cosmic Overleague Team

Beat Player Position
David Amram 1999 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Levi Asher 1998 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Paul Bowles Pitcher
Ray Bremser 1999 Cosmic Player PlateThirdbase
William Burroughs 1997 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Lucien Carr 1997 Cosmic Player PlateShortstop
Neal Cassady 1997 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Gregory Corso 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (Pisces)Firstbase
Lawrence Ferlinghetti 1997 Cosmic Player PlateRightfield
John C. Holmes 1996 Cosmic Player PlateCatcher
Herbert Huncke 1997 Cosmic Player PlateCatcher
David Kammerer 2000 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Jack Kerouac Jack Kerouac ChronologyLeftfield
Jack Micheline Pitcher
Charles Plymell 1998 Cosmic Player PlateCenterfield
Kenneth Rexroth 1997 Cosmic Player PlateOutfield
Gary Snyder 1997 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Lew Welch 1997 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Philip Whalen 1997 Cosmic Player PlateSecondbase
Team Management
Peter Orlovsky Manager
Gerald Nicosia Coach
John Sampas G.M.
Allen Ginsberg Memorial PlateOwner
DharmaDome Seats 33,334
Italics indicates ROOKIEIndicates Link to Cosmic Player Plate.
The DHARMA BEATS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of Beat Generation individuals.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Lucien Carr, SSLucien Carr
2Charles Plymell, CFCharles Plymell
3Lawrence Ferlinghetti, RFLawrence Ferlinghetti
4Ray Bremser, 3BRay Bremser
5Jack Kerouac, LFJack Kerouac
6Gregory Corso, 1BGregory Corso
7Herbert Huncke, CHerbert Huncke
8Philip Whalen, 2BPhilip Whalen
9William Burroughs, PWilliam Burroughs
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Dharma Beats Season 2002 Official Team Roster
Published: January 14, 2002
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