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Bhutan Vanguards

A Cosmic Middleleague Team

Bhutan Vanguards Position
Hans Arp # Rightfield
Marc Chagall Pitcher
Chuck Close Pitcher
Gustave Courbet Pitcher
Marcel Duchamp Pitcher
Lavinia Fontana 2002 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Paul Gauguin Pitcher
Edward Hopper Firstbase
Frieda Kahlo Pitcher
Tina Modotti Centerfield
Berthe Morisot Shortstop
Lee Mullican Catcher
Edwaerd Muybridge 2000 Cosmic Player PlateCatcher
Claus Oldenburg Secondbase
Lee Paalen Leftfield
Robert Rauschenberg Infield
Marc Rothko Pitcher
Paul Strand Pitcher
Vincent Van Gogh Thirdbase
Monika Wally Outfield
Andy Warhol 1997 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Team Management
Robert Mapplethorpe Manager
Jasper Johns Coach
Claude Monet G.M.
Tess Rose Lampert Owner
Depth Field Seats 9,901
Italics Indicates ROOKIE
# Indicates Reactivated Player Indicates Link to Cosmic Player Plate
The BHUTAN VANGUARDS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of painters and photographers.
Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Claes Oldenburg, 2BClaes Oldenburg
2Berthe Morisot, SSBerthe Morisot
3Edward Hopper, 1BEdward Hopper
4Lee Paalen, LFLee Paalen
5Lee Mullican, CLee Mullican
6Vincent Van Gogh, 3BVincent Van Gogh
7Hans Arp, RFHans Arp
8Tina Modotti, CFTina Modotti
9Marc Rothko, PMarc Rothko

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Bhutan Vanguards Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 21, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association