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Bolex Poetics

A Cosmic Middleleague Team

Bolex Poetics Position
Kenneth Anger Anger 1999 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Bruce Baillie Bruce Baillie 2000 Cosmic Player PlateCatcher
Stan Brakhage Brakhage 1998 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Robert Breer Infield
James Broughton Firstbase
Luis Bunuel Bunuel 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (Pisces)Pitcher
Bruce Conner Pitcher
Storm De Hirsch Leftfield
Maya Deren Deren 1999 Cosmic Player PlatePitcher
Hollis Frampton Frampton 1997 Cosmic Player PlateRightfield
Brian Frye Outfield
Ernie Gehr Shortstop
Alexander Hammid Pitcher
Peter Hutton Outfield
Peter Kubelka Pitcher
Jonas Mekas Pitcher
Adolfas Mekas Secondbase
Harry Smith Centerfield
Michael Snow Pitcher
Amy Taubin Pitcher
Dziga Vertov Thirdbase
Team Management
P. Adams Sitney P.Adams SitneyManager
Ken Kelman Ken KelmanCoach
Annette Michelson Annette MichelsonG.M.
Jerome Hill Jerome HillOwner
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The BOLEX POETICS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of experimental filmmakers.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Brian Frye, CFBrian Frye
2Hollis Frampton, RFFrampton 1997 Cosmic Player Plate (Pisces)
3James Broughton, 1BJames Broughton
4Dziga Vertov, 3BDziga Vertov
5Bruce Baillie, CBaillie 2000 Cosmic Player Plate
6Storm DeHirsch, LFStorm DeHirsch
7Ernie Gehr, SSErnie Gehr
8Adolfas Mekas, 2BAdolfas Mekas
9Stan Brakhage, PStan Brakhage 1998 Cosmic Player Plate

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Bolex Poetics Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 21, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association