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Armageddonia Anarchists

A Cosmic Underleague Team

Anarchists Position
Mumia Abu-Jamal Rightfield
Mikhail Bakunin Pitcher
Murray Bookchin Catcher
Voltairine DeCleyre Link to 2001 Cosmic Player PlateInfield
Samuel Dolgoff Firstbase
Buenaventura Durruti Shortstop
Francesco Ferrer Pitcher
Elizabeth Flynn Infield
Brenton Gicker Pitcher
Emma Goldman Leftfield
Paul Goodman Pitcher
Praxedis G Guerrero Outfield
Bill Haywood Outfield
Joe Hill Pitcher
Peter Kropotkin Pitcher
Errico Malatesta Centerfield
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Pitcher
Nicola Sacco Thirdbase
Bartolemo Vanzetti Secondbase
Emiliano Zapata Pitcher
Clara Zetkin Pitcher
Team Management
Benjamin Tucker Manager
Lucy Parsons Coach
Guiseppi Fanelli G.M.
William Godwin Owner
Armagedonnia Field Seats 2,069
The ARMAGEDDONIA ANARCHISTS are the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of social and political anarchists.

Starting Lineup/Batting Order

1Elizabeth Flynn, 2B
2Emma Goldman, LF
3Samuel Dolgoff, 1B
4Mumia Abu-Jamal, RF
5Nikola Sacco, 3B
6Voltarine DeCleyre, SSLink to DeCleyre 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
7Errico Malatesta, CF
8Murray Bookchin, C
9Mikhail Bakunin, P

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Armageddonia Anarchists Season 2002 Official Cosmic Team Roster
Published: January 28, 2002
Copyright © 2002 by the Cosmic Baseball Association