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February 25, 1998
1998 Player Roster

The 1998 Player Roster is now available online. It contains an alphabetical listing of all cosmic players, managers, coaches and owners for the 1998 Cosmic Season which begins March 15, 1998. There are over 600 cosmic players divided among 24 teams organized into three leagues. There are links to team rosters from the Player Roster. The Player Roster is a 50K file, so give it a few moments to download if you visit.

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for the Player Roster

February 24, 1998
Ionians Beat Pisces, 9-4 in Pre Season Game

Ionian batters had a field day with new Pisces pitcher, poet Christina Rossetti. A 5-run third inning all but put the game out of reach for the Pisces who tried to mount a comeback in the bottom of the eighth inning.

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for the game report.

February 21, 1998
1998 Pre-Season Notes

CBA's 17th cosmic season begins MARCH 15. The first game will be played between the Paradise PISCES and the Dharma BEATS in Paradise...The BEATS are trying to become CBA's flagship team. The BEATS got to the Cosmic Universal Series last year and lost to the Pranktown BUSRIDERS, who also seem to be making a run for flagship status with two consecutive Series victories...The regular season consists of 162 games. There is no interleague play until the post-season and CBA does not use the designated hitter in its games...There are over 600 cosmic players, managers, coaches and owners on 24 cosmic teams organized into three cosmic leagues. The Overleague has six teams, the Middleleague has 8 and the Underleague has 10 teams. There are 5 NEW COSMIC TEAMS this season, replacing five de-activated teams all in the Underleague: The Armegeddonia ANARCHISTS replace the Tropicland Hurricanes, the Black Mountain MOUNTAINS replace the Martian Kinotypes, the Cisco GIANTS replace the Franklinton Zappas, the Newshole MUCKRAKERS replace the Plumbago Bay Graphites and the Bookhouse COLLECTIONS replace the Vienna Songbirds...All of us here at the CBA are looking forward to a stellar season and we're glad to have you along for the ride.

February 17, 1998
NEW TEAM- 1998 Bookhouse Classifications

The BOOKHOUSE CLASSIFICATIONS represent the various classification schedules used by the Library of Congress (LC) to organize its library holdings. Unlike the Dewey Decimal system, the LC approach does not use mneumonics and it is considered more flexible and tolerant of growth than Dewey's scheme. The Library of Congress first issued its classification schedules in 1909 but the system did not become widely used until the 1960s. Today, the LC classification system is in use by most academic and research libraries.

The CLASSIFICATIONS are managed by Melvil Dewey who first implemented his system in 1876. Dewey was a pioneer in the development of library science and opened the first school of library science in 1884. His professional colleague and assistant, Mary Fairchild, is the CLASSIFICATIONS General Manager. The team is owned by Charles Cutter who also developed a library classification concept known as the "Cutter Expansive Classification System." The LC approach borrows more from Cutter's system than it does from Dewey's.

The CLASSIFICATIONS will compete in the cosmic Underleague.

Click Here to view the 1998 Bookhouse Classifications

February 16, 1998
1998 Ridertown Tarotians- Official Team Roster

The Ridertown TAROTIANS compete in the cosmic Underleague. Last season was their first and they ended up with the second worst record in the league (77-85, .475). There are no rookie players this season but there is a new owner, the King of Wands, who promptly hired the last owner, R. E. Waite as a coach. That seems odd, but using Tarot cards for divination is, afterall, part of the occult, or paranormal, as the New Age might say.

Can the future be divined through Tarot card readings? Are there other methods available to divine that which has not happened but certainly and definitely will? Some suggest that the Tarot deck of cards, like regular playing cards, were used for regular and enjoyable games. And some thought playing such games a waste of time. So the lovers of these card games had to be surrepetitious in their enjoyment. Secrecy led to mystery and mystery led to misunderstanding and confusion. Others attach a far more serious origin to the Tarot cards. They believe the cards have been endowed with special symbolic powers that if properly read will yield meaning and answers to the greatest questions about life.

Click Here to view the 1998 Ridertown Tarotians Roster.

February 14, 1998
1998 Pre-Raphaelite Baseball Club- Official Team Roster

The P.R.B.C. joined the Cosmic Baseball Association last season. They posted a winning season (91 wins and 71 losses) and tied for second place with the Barnumstormers in the cosmic Underleague. This season there are two rookies. Philip Marston a blind poet is a pitcher and Frederick Myers, a co-founder of the Society for Psychical Studies is a rookie infielder. The Underleague is fast becoming very competitive and the P.R.B.C. has a lot to do with this.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, created in 1848, spawned what was the Victorian era's Beat Generation. Initially a small group of disenchanted and rebellious art students, their romantic aesthetic was opposed to the conventional and the status quo. Their cultural environment was fast becoming dominated by commercial and scientific realities. The alienation of the individual from his community, the residue of the emerging industrial revolution, led artists and poets like the Pre-Raphaelites to turn inward in their quest for creative vision.

Click Here to view the 1998 Pre-Raphaelite Baseball Club Roster.

February 13, 1998
1998 Bigtopia Barnumstormers- Official Team Roster

The B'Stormers return for their second cosmic season after having had a very successful rookie season. They won 91 games and lost 71 last year as they placed second in the cosmic Underleague, two games behind the Franklinton Zappas.

Owner P.T. Barnum has made only one significant change in the lineup. Moung Phoset, who last year played in the outfield, has been moved to the bullpen as a relief pitcher.

Click Here to view the 1998 Barnumstormers Roster.

February 12, 1998
1998 Washington Presidents- Official Team Roster

After getting to the Cosmic Universal Series in 1996, the Presidents sustained a losing season last year, winning 80 and losing 82 games (.494). The only significant change for this season is the coaching staff and the general manager. Team owner George Washington canned all the presidential hopefuls and consultants and hired presidential wives for coaches. Further, Dick Morris was canned as the G.M. and the equally salacious and notorious Monica Lewinsky has been named to take his place.

Click Here to view the 1998 Washington Presidents Roster.

February 11, 1998
1998 Telecity Superbas- Official Team Roster

The TELECITY SUPERBAS is a team made up of television personalities. The Superbas compete in the cosmic Middleleague. Owner Howdy Doody, dissatisfied with last season's performance (78-84, .481 record) went out and replaced his entire management staff, including the coaches. TV starlet Calista Flockhart takes over as the new field manager. The recently departed Chris Farley, the British bawdy comedian Benny Hill and day-time talk show host Rosie O'Donnell comprise the all-new coaching staff. Bob Keeshan, also known as "Captain Kangaroo" is the team's new general manager.

In addition to the management changes, there are five new rookies. Three new fielders all come from the late-night talk show host environment: Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. The two rookie pitchers are situation comedy star Jerry Seinfeld and TV camp hero Bob Denver.

So, there's been a lot of changes in Superba-land. Will these changes help?

Click Here to view the 1998 Telecity Superbas Roster.

February 9, 1998
1998 Dharma Beats- Official Team Roster

The DHARMA BEATS represent individuals who in some way are connected to the Beat Generation. This season there are two rookies. Charles Plymell and Bob Kaufman are both Beat-related poets. Both poets were involved in the San Francisco literary "renaissance" that began at the end of the 1950s.

The Beats were the best team in the cosmic Overleague last season winning 86 games and losing 76. They ultimately lost to the Pranktown Busriders in the 16th Cosmic Universal Series. The Dharma Beats are trying to unseat the Paradise Pisces as CBA's flagship team. Another appearance and a victory in the Cosmic Universal Series would certainly help them achieve that goal.

Click Here to view the 1998 Dharma Beats Roster.

February 3, 1998
1998 Vestal Virgins- Official Team Roster

CBA's team of interesting women boasts five rookies this season. There are three new pitchers: two were married to well-known writers (Zelda Fitzgerald and Frieda Lawrence.), and the third rookie thrower, Lou Andreas-Salomé while not married to a writer, did make love to Rainer Maria-Rilke the poet. The two infield rookies are Kasia Havard a young artist and illustrator and Violet Hunt, a Victorian writer and gossip.

The Virgins came in second place last season compiling an 85-77 won-loss record. They have played cosmic baseball since 1983 and have been to the Cosmic Universal Series twice, winning once.

Click Here to view the 1998 Virgins Roster.

February 1, 1998
1998 Pranktown Busriders- Official Team Roster

The PRANKTOWN BUSRIDERS are currently CBA's best cosmic team. They have won the Cosmic Universal Series two seasons in a row and the team itself is only two years old. This year, retired Dharma Beat pitcher, Ken Kesey is the team owner. Not surprisingly, not many changes have been made to the roster. There are a couple of rookies:John Babbs, Ken Babbs' brother replaces Anita Babbs, Ken Babbs' wife; the writer Gordon Lish is another rookie infielder; and sculptor Ron Boise joins the pitching staff. Kesey did bring in a couple of new coaches to assist manager Ken Babbs: The writer Gurney Norman and hip cataloger and publisher Stewart Brand are the two new coaches.

The BUSRIDERS are comprised of individuals associated with the Merry Pranksters, including the 14 young men and women who accompanied Ken Kesey on his cross-country bus trip in the summer of 1964. The Pranksters were a guerilla troupe of anarcho-artists. Created and led by Kesey and Babbs, the Pranksters served as the conduit connecting the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the emerging hippie generation of the 1960s. Their cross-country trip and the subsequent "acid tests" staged by the Pranksters has been documented in the 1968 book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. In short, the Pranksters were a vanguard echelon of the 1960s counterculture.

Click Here to view the 1998 Busrider Roster.

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