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February 18, 2009

Dwarf Planets 411

Pluto (and Ceres) Will Play for The Planets

Seventy-nine years after Clyde Tombaugh discovered the solar system object Pluto, the Cosmic Baseball Association has granted the Astronomical Planets permission to include "dwarf planets" on the team's active roster. The Planet's had requested that Pluto and four other designated "dwarf planets" be made eligible as cosmic baseball players. However, CBA decided that only Pluto and Ceres would be eligible as players for the 2009 Season. (Note: Ceres was discovered on January 1, 1801, 45 years before planet Neptune was found. Ceres officially became a designated "dwarf" on September 13, 2006.)

While the decision to admit the dwarf planets was generally met with approval, some believe it was a mistake that could lead to additional non-planet objects gaining access to the team. CBA analysts concluded that since there were already two non-planets on the team (the Sun, the Moon) there was precedent for the decision. But does this action open up the Other Solar SystemsPlanets roster to virtually any object in our solar system?

Others argue that astronomers are beginning to discover other solar systems and planets and that these new discoveries are potential draft pools. Is this a better idea than opening the field of play to the dwarf planets?


February 9, 2009

Another Baseball Asteroid

As the Cosmic Baseball Association considers the eligibility of the celestial object Pluto, another more down-to-Earth controversy has erupted over the disclosure that Alex Rodriguez, a Major League Baseball (MLB) player, used an illegal ("banned") substance. The revelation means that Rodriguez cheated, according to the rules of MLB.

This likely means that A-Rod (as he is euphemistically called) will move from his current status as star to a less phenomenal status such as an "asteroid".

January 20, 2009

Inaugural Baseball Games

Two personal cosmic baseball games were played today in honor of the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. The Washington DC Avenues defeated the Memorials in a close and well-played first game. Talented Dancers won their contest against the ten official Inaugural Balls that took place in Washington DC during the evening and late night.

January 3, 2009


Season 2009 Calendar

January 26 Rookie Draft
February 11 Winter Meetings in New York City
March 15 Regulated Season Begins
June 28 Free Agent Draft
July 20 Summer Meetings in Kents Hill, Maine
September 30 Regulated Season Ends
October 9 CBA 28th Anniversary
November 26 MMIX Cosmic Universal Series

January 2, 2009

CBA Search Plate

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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year MMIX

Happy New Year and Good Will Towards All...from the Cosmic Baseball Association to all of our fans and friends.

CBA begins its 28th season of regulated cosmic baseball play on March 15.

In honor of the 44th U.S. Presidential Inaugural festivities, the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance will be sponsoring an open house and escort services at its national headquarters from January 20-22. COBRA is located in between the National Mall (4 blocks north) and Nationals Park (4 blocks east).

December 17, 2008

Personal Cosmic Baseball Game
44th Presidential Inaugural Game

On January 20, 2009 a Personal Cosmic Baseball Game honoring the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States will be played between Washington DC Memorials and Washington DC Avenues.

This game was originally scheduled to be played in Nationals Park, the home field of the Washington Nationals, a team in Major League Baseball's National League. However, the game's venue has been moved to the Washington Presidents home field, Lafayette Park. Roster Tables for the teams are below and a personal cosmic Game Report will be published when the game has been completed.

Estimated Rosters

Pennsylvania Avenue CF
Maine Avenue SS
Florida Avenue LF
New York Avenue 3B
Massachusetts Avenue 1B
Rhode Island Avenue C
New Hampshire Avenue 2B
Connecticut Avenue RF
Constitution Avenue P
WWI Memorial 2B
Vietnam Vets Memorial 1B
FDR Memorial RF
Korean War Memorial 3B
Pentagon-9/11 Memorial SS
Law Enforcement Memorial C
US Navy Memorial CF
Jefferson Memorial LF
Washington Monument P

December 14, 2008

Dwarf Planet Pluto at NASA

Cosmic Baseball Teams
Planets Petition for Pluto

Two days after Pluto moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the Astronomical Planets asked the Cosmic Baseball Association to make dwarf planets eligible for the team's official team roster. The Planets, after having played several cosmic baseball games in the Underleague, joined the CBA's regulated playing league last season. Because of Pluto's changed status (as of August 2006 Pluto became a "dwarf" planet) the team requested and was granted an exception to allow Pluto to be on the team's 2008 Roster. A one-season exception was issued by the CBA. That exception expired at the end of the 2008 regulated season.

On December 1, the team submitted a new formal request in the form of a petition. The petition requests that Pluto and four other officially recognized dwarf planets be made eligible to play on the team during Season 2009.

The four other dwarfs named in the petition are Ceres, Eris, Makemake and Haumea.

CBA's rules stipulate that only officially recognized "planets" are eligible for the Astronomical Planets team as players. The Earth's Sun, and the Earth's satellite, the Moon, are also eligible despite the fact that they are not planets. (Earlier petitions for satellites of other planets, such as the moons of Mars, have been denied.)

When Did Asteroids Become Planets?
The issue hinges on scientific community conventions and cosmic baseball traditions. A ten-player roster does not meet the minimum set by the CBA for teams in the regulated playing leagues. The Planets, including last season's exception for Pluto, had a roster of eleven players.

The bottom line right now is that if the petition is rejected and Pluto cannot play, the Planets will not be eligible to play regulated cosmic baseball in 2009.


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