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February 29, 2008

Eileen Pollock Stein
Eileen Pollock Stein

Administration News
New Chairperson Announced

Continuity is everything. The Cosmic Baseball Association announced with great fanfare and pleasure that Eileen Pollock Stein would assume the role of Chairwoman of the CBA's Board of Directors effective today. Eileen fills the chair vacated in November 2006 by her sister-in-law Elka Stein, who sat as CBA's Chair for 17 years (1989-2006). With this announcement it becomes clear that the Stein family will maintain their high level of committment to the CBA. Eileen was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and currently lives in Florida. She became a CBA board member in 2004.

February 23, 2008

2008 Player Fields Breakdown
2008 Alpha Player List

Season 2008
Cosmic Baseball Players

The 2008 season's total personnel (players and staff) count is 163. These players, managers, coaches and owners are distributed across eight cosmic teams. (Four new cosmic teams have been added to the regular playing league, all 2008 teams play in one division.)

There are 84 male players and staff, 70 rookies, 41 non-humanoids, and 38 females. Players with political field associations top the Player Fields Breakdown list (see graphic to the right, click it for the Alpha Player List). There are 17 fields represented this season.

(For some unexplained reason the Field Category gurus utilized a generic "entertainment" field category that includes filmmakers, film actors, TV actors, comedians, and adult entertainers. So we have comedian Lou Costello categorized with the Helman (aka Milton) Twins, and French filmmaker Georges Méliès with Vanessa Williams. If filmmaker Stan Brakhage were still active as a cosmic player would he be slotted in the "Entertainment" group? And many musicians are, strictly speaking, just that, entertainers.)

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