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February 25, 2007

2007 Player Roster

116 Players on Rosters for Season 2007

For the first time in the Cosmic Baseball Association's history the "technology" field tops the list of player fields. The field of "literature" drops to the fourth position behind "music" and "politics." With the addition of the Interland Domains the number of non-humanoid players goes up dramatically. Conversely, ever since the deactivation of the all-women Vestal Virgins team in 2005, women remain below their traditional 25% player composition level. There are 33 rookies and the Dakota Fanning controversy has been resolved. The young film star will be a rookie with the Paradise Pisces. Five teams in one league begin their 162-game schedule on March 15, when the Dharma Beats travel to play the Paradise Pisces in the season opener.

February 21, 2007

2007 Interland Domains Team Roster

New Cosmic Baseball Team: INTERLAND DOMAINS

For many years, the naming convention "@" has served the ARPANET user community for its mail system, and the substring "" has been used for other applications such as file transfer (FTP) and terminal access (Telnet). With the advent of network interconnection, this naming convention needs to be generalized to accommodate internetworking. A decision has recently been reached to replace the simple name field, "", by a composite name field, "domain" (RFC819: August, 1982)

A domain is an administrative but not necessarily a topological entity. It is represented in the networks by its associated DNS. The resolution of a domain name results in the address of its associated DNS. (RFC830: October, 1982)

The Interland Domains are the offspring of a group that coalesced for a period where databaseball was popular. Known for a while as the Interislanders, today's collection of Interland Domain players represents some of the best databaseball playing domains.

Originally, the Interislanders accepted only some of the established Top Level Domains (TLDs). The .COM and .NET top-level domains led the move to exclude other developing TLDs. Newer TLDs like .BIZ and .INFO were not welcome. Forces inside the databaseball environment intervened to settle matters and in late 2006 the .INFO top level domain was invited to join the list of domains eligible to play on the Interislanders databaseball team. (.BIZ domains are still excluded.)

Importantly the Domains represent a return to the acceptance of non-humanoid teams inside cosmic baseball. Further, there is hope that this represents a trend towards expanding the number of active teams. The number of active cosmic baseball teams has been dwindling so this development is a welcome event. During the 2001 season there were 24 teams in three leagues. The last contraction took place last season, when the league's size dwindled to four cosmic teams (see news item of March 11, 2006.)

With the addition of the Interland Domains the 2007 cosmic season will have five active teams in one league.

February 19, 2007

2007 Presidents' Day Game Cancelled

Washington Presidents Team Index Plate
The Washington Presidents usually play an exhibition game honoring the birthdays of George Washington (Team Owner) and Abraham Lincoln, (Pitcher). But the annual game was cancelled at the last moment and nobody knows why. Too bad. Is there discord among the chief executives or is it the cold weather that recently settled in and around LaFayette Park? It will warm up. In lieu of the box score, here is Mr. Lincoln's official cosmic baseball pitching record.
Link to 1997 Abraham Lincoln Player Plate

February 14, 2007

2007 Valentine's Day Game

Link to 2007 Valentine's Day Game Report Game ReportThe Romeos battled the Aphrodites in this season's edition of the annual Valentine's Day Cosmic Baseball Game. This event has often produced controversial results. (The 2005 Valentine's Day Game Report is the only other report published online. Other Valentine's Day game reports are restricted, probably because the matters of love and romance often combine and generate lacsivious content.)

Passionate lovers peopled the rosters of both teams this season. The men against the women...paired by relationships and assigned to common positions. It was a pitching

February 4, 2007

States or Dategrams?

Link to Season 2007 Main Plate

The next new cosmic baseball team is likely going to be either the Montanaton Dategrams or the United City States. Of the nominated teams, these two have worked their way through the initial phases of the selection process with the most success. Circumlocution research indicates there will be plenty to write about regardless of which team ultimately gets selected. Political research groups are waving their thumbs up because both candidates are non-humanoid teams.

Which team has the edge right now? Statistically the Dategrams are stronger. They have a 22-16 won-loss record and the States have a 15-19 record. Do the fans want to see April and October on the cosmic playing field or would they rather see Massachusetts, California, and Florida, etc.?

February 1, 2007

2007 Player, Team, Committee Updates...

Fanning CBA News Item, January 2007 PLAYERS...Dakota Fanning's status with the Paradise Pisces remains uncertain. Based on the reviews and reactions to Hounddog, screened at the Sundance festival the jury is undecided. Fanning's talents are not in question. She turns 13 on February 23 and presumably, the Fanning Committee will have reached a final decision after having reviewed the available evidence...
Before the movie's premiere Monday night, everyone wondered just how graphic that scene would be. Some didn't wait to see it before they started protesting: Bill Donohue, an activist who heads the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has called for a boycott of the film. The film received a generally positive reaction from Monday night's audience (C. Karras, Salt Lake Tribune, 01/23/2007 02:29:11 AM MST)

"[T]he film is a piece of recycled Southern Gothic waste." (T. McCarthy, Variety online. Posted: Thurs., Jan. 25, 2007, 2:17pm PT)

Dakota Fanning's performance in Hounddog is mature, powerful, and everything it should be to launch her career to the next level as a young actor who can handle serious roles. That said, however, Hounddog is also one of the least likeable films I've seen here at Sundance -- and not, as you might expect, merely because it has a scene of the young actor being violently raped. (K. Vynar, Cinematical, Posted: Jan 25 2007 12:05pm)

News Item, November 2006 TEAMS...The competition for the one new team spot is intense and continues to heat up. Many expected a decision before January concluded. In the middle of the month, there were rumors that a team of houses, museums and schools associated with Salem, Massachusetts would be announced but the Salem Index to Cosmic Team RostersSalemites are getting solid completion from other non-humanoid teams. The Dategrams, a team composed of time elements such as days of the week and months of Preliminary Salemite Rosterthe year are contenting. A recent but strong entry is the Fiftyland United States, representing the fifty U.S. states. A curious side note is that the Paradise Pisces are looking at several of the fifty states, in particular, those that became states in the period between February 21 and March 20. That group includes Vermont (3/4/1791), Ohio (3/1/1803), Maine (3/15/1820), Florida (3/3/1845), and Nebraska (3/1/1867)...

COMMITTEES...Several new committees related to the operations of the 2007 season have been formed...The aforementioned "Dakota Fanning Committee" is charged with deciding if the young actress can play for the Pisces who drafted her on December 17, 2006...The "Senior Search Committee", responsible for recommending a new Chairperson of the CBA's Board of Directors has not recommended any one at this time...The "New Cosmic Baseball Research AllianceTeam Committee" is required to recommend a new cosmic baseball team before the start of the 2007 season on March 15..."The Committee on Non-Humanoid Relations" recommended to the "New Team Committee" that a non-humanoid team be selected for play in the CBA's regular playing league...The "Advanced Team Studies Committee" at the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance reported in its newsletter that many COBRA scholars think the CBA should reactivate an already existing team. In a poll of COBRA scholars, the two teams most recommended for reactivation were the Bolex Poetics and the Vestal Virgins...(Parenthetically, COBRA, through the "Advanced Team Studies Committee", is sponsoring a Bolex Poetics research site on the internet.)

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