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Archived: February 28, 2003
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Source: COBRA 2/1/2003
Warriors Draft Col. John Boyd, USAF
February 24, 2003

Col. Boyd
Shoring up their pitching staff, the Wonderland Warriors, the Cosmic Baseball Association's team of military figures, has drafted John Boyd, a US Air Force fighter pilot, jet plane designer and military reformer.

According to former Marine Corps Commandant, John Krulak, John Boyd was an architect of victory in the first War with Iraq. Although he retired from the Air Force in 1975, Col. Boyd remained significantly influential in military circles. Despite access to national leaders and decision-makers such as then Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney, Boyd cannot be considered part of the "old boy" hypocrisy network. Boyd's mission was to untangle the bureaucratic web strewn throughout the five-sided monument that a Boyd acolyte describes as "a moral sewer dedicated to using other people's money to feed the predators in the Hobbsean jungle known as the military-industrial-congressional complex" ( Franklin Spinney).

Because of the publication of a biography in 2002, Boyd is receiving some posthumous recognition. He died in 1997 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. One writer, reviewing Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art Of War by Robert Coram (Little Brown: New York. 2002) puts it this way: "The F-15 Eagle fighter plane. The F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F/A-18 Hornet. The Air Force's dogfighting textbook. The Marine Corps' Operational Maneuver From the Sea doctrine. The armored "left hook" that sealed victory in the 1991 Gulf War. All owe their fundamental shape - some, their existence - to John Boyd, an Air Force fighter pilot-turned-theorist. Not since Sun Tzu has mankind produced such an influential military thinker." ) (Bradley Peniston.)

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Two New Teams Join the CBA
February 16, 2003
Link to Membrano Phones 2003 Roster
Membrano Phones

Link to American Courtiers 2003 Roster
American Courtiers
Two new teams join the Cosmic Baseball Association for the 2003 Season. The announcement of the new teams came as a surprise to many since one of the teams was not on the "list of nine" issued by the Team Selection Committee earlier this week (see news item, below). However, as expected, one of the new teams is non-humanoid. The Membrano Phones, who did not appear on the "list of nine," consist of musical drums from a variety of environments. The other new team is called the American Courtiers. The Courtiers are comprised of interesting and notable American lawyers.

Both teams will compete in the Underleague.

Twenty-four teams will compete in three leagues during the upcoming cosmic playing season. Season 2003 begins on March 15, 2003 when the Vestal Virgins play the Paradise Pisces. Official Season 2003 team rosters are being published online throughout the month of February (see 2003 Cosmic Teams or All Cosmic Team Rosters).

Nine Teams Vie for Two Spots
February 9, 2003

Link to Teams Index
Nine teams remain on the list of potential candidates for a spot in the Underleague. The Team Selection Committee issued the list yesterday. The Committee's final two selections will be made on February 15. Seven of the nine candidate teams are non-humanoid, reflecting the success of the campaign waged by the Non-Humanoid Players Association to include more non-humanoid teams within the Cosmic Baseball Association.

Here is the list of nine, in no particular order:
  • Soundtown Instruments
    • Origin: Music League
    • A team of musical instruments.
  • Tropicville Drugs
    • Origin: Psychotropical Pharmacopia League
    • A team of brain drugs.
  • Miletosian Pre-Socratics
    • Origin: Western Philosophy League
    • A team of early Greek philosophers.
  • American Courtiers
    • Origin: American League of Jurisprudence
    • A team of notable lawyers.
  • Decktown Cards
    • Origin: No League Affiliation
    • A team of selected cards from the standard 52-card deck of playing cards.
  • Kitchentown Items
    • Origin: Food League of America
    • A team of gadgets and other items found in the common American kitchen.
  • Material City Possessions
    • Origin: Material Mercantile League
    • A team of material objects.
  • New Soft City Software
    • Origin: Computer Software League of the United States
    • A team of software applications.
  • Hardtown Hardware
    • Origin: National League of Hardware Manufacturers
    • A team of computer hardware objects.

JCBA Volume 21 Published
February 6, 2003
JCBA No. 21
Volume 21 of the Journal of the Cosmic Baseball Association has been published online. The most recent issue of the JCBA includes articles on the John Ford Baseball League, non-humanoid Cosmic Baseball teams and an annotated version of Gregory Corso's poem "Dream of a Baseball Star." The JCBA is published annually by the Cosmic Baseball Association. Back issues are available online.

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Columbia Suffers Catastrophic End
February 1, 2003

Former Speed City Velocitor shortstop, Space Shuttle Columbia, suffered a catastrophic explosion this morning. The explosion occurred at approximately 8 AM Central Standard Time, somewhere over the state of Texas in the United States. Columbia was reentering the Earth's atmosphere after flying in outer space for the last two weeks. The explosion appears to have occurred some 39 miles above the surface of the planet. It is feared that all seven astronauts aboard the Columbia were killed as a result of the explosion. We offer our condolences to the friends and family of the crew of Columbia.

Statement from Angela Gunn, Owner of the Speed City Velocitors:

The staff and management of the Speed City Velocitors are horrified and saddened by the tragedy today involving the Columbia Space Shuttle. The first reusable vehicle in space, the Columbia, also known as OV (Orbiter Vehicle) 102, began its history-making career in 1981 and served dozens of missions. On the Velocitors, Columbia played two seasons and was promoted in 2002 to head the team's scouting efforts.

Columbia's last mission, STS107, included not only Israel's first astronaut and the first Indian-born female astronaut, but dozens of science experiments contributed by children around the world. According to statements made by the astronauts before re-entry, those experiments brought a remarkably contemplative air to the shuttle. Scientist Laurel Clark, speaking of an experiment involving silkworm moths, commented, "Life continues in lots of places, and life is a magical thing." Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut-scientist, remarked on his hopes for peace: "The world looks marvelous from up here, so peaceful, so wonderful and so fragile... The atmosphere is so thin and fragile, and I think everybody, all of us ... have to keep it clean and good. It saves our life and gives our life."

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of Rick Husband, William McCool, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Mike Anderson, Laurel Clark, and Ilan Ramon, as well as all other NASA personnel.

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